Monday, November 11, 2013

Mention Monday Is (Not) Going Thru Hell ;)

I vaguely remember the moment I 'met' this person. If memory serves me right (which, we all know it does not do most of the time...) it was on Twitter. I'm fairly certain I said something about where I live and she replied something about how she'd just moved from here. The back and forth on Twitter was extremely short lived, maybe five messages tops, but I've thought of her as a friend ever since. (Maybe I'm a weirdo creepy stalker-like person who has made up this sorta-friendship that's not real at all...) Oh well, I can handle that. :P

Anyway, now she's self-pubbed and out and about all over social networks so much that I felt I needed to put her awesomeness out in the open for anyone who doesn't know her...

So, today's Mention Monday is all about author/editor, T.J. Loveless. When she's not working as an editor, or plotting out new ideas for her characters that are probably lovingly (or not so lovingly ;P ) abused quite frequently, she's (from what I see) a wonderful, loving mother and wife (to a pretty awesome daughter and hubby as well, from what I've seen on FB). TJ works her butt off and whether it's true or not, she appears to keep her shit together very well.

One I decided to make her my mention today, I realized just how much I admire her. TJ finds time to help other writers, work on current editing jobs, check out blogs, write blogs, write books, publish, guest blog, promote her books as well as fellow authors, check and reply to people on Facebook and Twitter, all while being a wonderful friend to many online people she does or doesn't really know...But what makes her truly awesome is, she does all of that while being a mother and wife, two very demanding jobs alone.

She does all of the above and does it with a smile (most of the time). She's exceptional and very deserving of a mention.

If you don't know her, you should. Here are some links to get to know her:

Books: Going Thru Hell and Lucky Number Six
Google +

There's a good chance I'm missing other ways to find this awesome woman, but these'll do I'm sure. So, go check her out if you haven't ever and if you know her, keep checking her out and supporting her because she's awesomely awesome.

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a wonderful start to the week. :)


SC Author said...

TJ is absolutely fantastic, a loving and strong woman!! An awesome pick for Mention Monday :)

T.J. said...

*sniffles* this is awesome! Thank you!

1) yep, that was it! I saw where you lived on twitter and had to day something :)

2) we are friends. Period. Which is why we stalk each other. No, really :)

3) Honestly, I never thought of any of that LOL And naps, naps help :)

4) Keep going, you are doing great! If you ever think otherwise, you come see me.

5) Luckily, my Writing Zoo helps to keep me insane :) Hubby and Filly ARE awesome, and I'm happy the two of them are here.

6) It's laughs that keep me (and many others) going.

Never forget, m'dear, I love you too!

And SC - you are simply wonderful :) Thank you :)