Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Until Next Time

I wasn't going to write anymore blogs this year, but I wanted to wrap up the end of this year and maybe get things geared up for next year. Where to start this two part post though...

Guess I can start with my Christmas. It was a mix of yay and bah humbug. My kids started acting up really bad a few weeks before and it just got worse and worse. They were fighting each other (and I mean that physically and verbally), they were back talking everyone (even strangers), and they kept going back and forth between 'not caring' if they got presents and not believing they wouldn't get any. If it weren't for the heartbreak I'd feel for them when they woke up Christmas to nothing at all, I wouldn't have given them a damn thing. They were hateful and horrible. Then, Christmas came and they were sweet, they listened, they played and enjoyed, they minded (for the most part) and I was glad I didn't take their things.

But, then there was the one family member who let us down a bit. I mean, this is my blog so really I should only speak for myself, so I will. I was disappointed. And what hurt the most is, I never thought this family member would disappoint me so bad. I kind of always knew she'd end up letting down some of the other family and I'd be let down a little too. But this, man, it was hurtful. And it wasn't anything so omg, just enough that it hurt. Plus it made my family members hurt and I don't like that, even from other family.

Oh and let me not forget the asshole(s) who broke into my aunt's home Christmas morning while she was out of town house-sitting for a friend. She lives in a good enough neighborhood, with neighbors watching out, it shouldn't have happened. Honestly, my family-mom and dad's side alike- just can't catch a damn break. We try, we do good, sure we screw up here and there, but nothing different than others. And yet, Karma comes around. Karma, the bitch we all hate, yet know she's there just waiting for the perfect time to strike. It seems for our family, several times a year (and I mean several) is the perfect time. Somewhere along the line, my ancestors must have really fucked up or something because man...

Not to leave off on a bad note, but I don't want to cram a bunch into one post, so this will be part one and part two will come tomorrow. It'll be better, honest.

Have a great Tuesday everyone, see you tomorrow. :)

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry about the family member and your parents' house being broken into. On Christmas morning no doubt - there's a special place in hell for people like that.