Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday - Dream

Dreaming is so important. Whether it's having an actual dream while you're sleeping, day dreaming while you're awake, or having a dream of one day doing something specific (or somethings). I teach my kids to dream, to believe in something. I encourage them daily to imagine things and play and know that dreaming is simply your imagination at work, expanding and preparing for something great.

Being a writer is all about dreaming. It's what we do. We imagine things that are impossible and make them happen in books, chapters, paragraphs...words. We dream of words. Things that are so impossible to a non-writer, but there real for us. And our dreams are so important because we give those non-writer people something to dream about.

I'm not saying that our stories alone give people dreams, but that stories are one of the things that do. We bend reality to our will and lead a reader into the impossible and we do it in a way that makes them believe. That's our job and it's a tough job.

Tough because we have personal dreams that go along with the leading. We must first get our words out there for people to read. And so we dream of the day when that will happen. From ideas, to WIPs, to MSs, and then to published novel. It's a rough journey and one that takes a lot of dreaming. I dream constantly of the day my name will be in print. And yes, I believe in that dream.

It may take many years, lots of stress, hard work, determination, sweat, and tears-but it will happen. Because my dream is to be an author. I'm already a writer. But I want to do more than put some words to paper (well, words to .docs). I want to share my imagination, my dreams, with other people. I want others to get to learn about the dreams that become my completed manuscripts. And therefore, I hold tight to my dream and I work at it...And it's worth it.

I've immersed myself in a world of other writers, other dreamers who share my dream, and I've seen some of their success. It's a wonderful feeling to watch other's dreams come true and it's inspiring.

Now that I've focused on writers, I want to bring it back to dreams in general. No matter the dream, no matter how impossible or hard the journey to achieve that dream-go for it. Whether your dream is to be a doctor or a teacher, go for it. If you're a writer with a dream to be a published author-go for it. Regardless of how unobtainable a dream may seem, you'll never know if you don't try. Embrace your dreams, your kids' dreams, your family and friends'. Encourage them to hold tight to that dream.

I'm holding tight to mine, because as a writer I know anything is possible. Anything...So dream and know that if you want it, work for it, try your hardest-it will happen. Even if you dream a little too big and it doesn't come true, at least you believed in something.

Happy Dreaming :)


Em-Musing said...

So true, so true. I've always been a dreamer and was shocked when some people shared that they never have 'day' dreams. They see nothing in their future, just live day to day. Oh, we writers are blessed with our minds.

Miranda Hardy said...

Dreams are amazing things. It's important to follow them and never give up.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well said, Kela! We inspire others to dream even as we pursue our own.

caterina torres said...

I dream all the time. Why do you think it takes me a minute to reply in chat? haha j/k

welcome to my world of poetry said...

I rather daydream about a new project then dream whilst asleep as due to medication I get vivid dreams.
I love to day dream about travelling and of course about my poetry.


DL Hammons said...

Just don't day-dream during rush hour!!! :)

Kela McClelland said...

Em-I've always been a day dreamer too. I couldn't imagine not being. And we're definitely blesses with our minds. :)

Miranda- Yes, very true. :)

Alex-Exactly! :D

Cat-I know you dream all the time. Forget chat, that's why you've got five hundred wips going on right now. :p

Yvonne-I day dream about traveling also. Of course, mine are merely dreams at the moment since I haven't been able to travel much. And your poetry is awesome, btw. Wonderful thing to dream about. :)

DL-Oh yeah, that can be a problem. :p

Thanks for stopping by y'all. I hope you're all having a wonderful week. :)

Kendra503 said...

As a dreamer of publishing novels for nearly nine years now, I give this post a 100/10 star rating. :D

Bending reality to our will...we writers have so much power, and in such a subtle manner.

Annalisa Crawford said...

I love this post!

My earliest dream was to be an author, so because of that I encourage my kids to dream big - especially as my dreams weren't taken seriously, and now I'm (sort of) living that dream :-)

Anonymous said...

"I hear a song on the rails of iron and steam, and I would ride forever on that Train of Dreams." :)

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