Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy IWSG New Year

So, first blog of the new year for me. I debated when I would get back to posting. Part of me wanted to do it before now, part of me said I should wait. I waited and here we are.

I've made a ton of resolutions for this year and I plan on keeping at least most of them. I can admit that I resolved to not do or to do a lot of things this year that in reality just aren't going to happen. But, there are a few things that will happen and I'm working towards my top few right now.

I'm currently rereading my first book to make sure it's query ready. Then I'm going to write a query and synopsis and sub it. It's funny actually, I'm only subbing to one place. I know I could sub a few places, someone may request more and then I won't be as down if no one requests. But, I'm not because if it doesn't work out at this one publisher, I will be self-pubbing. It's going to cost and give me a little more of a struggle, but I will get there.

I'm starting my new year off with a positive foot forward and I'm planning to have many more positive posts for the first Wednesday every month, all year.

Don't forget to hop on over to founder of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, Alex J Cavanaugh's site and see what he's got going on. He's a truly wonderful person and you should definitely know him.

Hope you all had wonderful holidays, are having a wonderful week, and great writing days ahead. :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hopefully they say yes, but if not, you are set to take the next step. Good luck, Kela!

Nana Prah said...

Good luck with your submission. Happy New Year. Looking forward to reading your positive posts.

stu said...

I found with my own self publishing that I just decided there was a point where I'd gone through the publishers I was interested in. It just seemed like the next logical step.

Anonymous said...

Oh. You are a brave one. Good luck with the query.

Leanne ( )

Stephsco said...

This group (IWSG) seems to have a lot of resources for self-pub so hopefully you can network and do your research before taking the big leap.