Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Writer Wednesday

First review of the year. I wanted it to be a different book, but I've got plans for the week I do that one and I'm not quite ready yet.

So, I wanted to tell you all about this book and the author because the book is awesome and the author is one of my favorites.

I'm not doing a full on review because I've got some other things to talk about, but here it goes...

Through The Zombie Glass by Gena Showalter

4.5/5 Stars

This is book two in The White Rabbit Chronicles and I loved it more than the first. It takes a lot for me to really feel a book and get into a character. I can love them, hate them, envy them, etc, but to actually FEEL them, very rare. Alice, the main character in this book, made me feel. I felt for her, felt things she should feel, but couldn't. She needed to be strong in this story and couldn't let her emotions come through properly. It's okay though, I had those emotions for her. I wanted to cry when she needed to, yell when she should've, and open up to the people who cared most when fear for them and herself kept her closed off.

I've read many books from Showalter and every time I love them. Even when I don't love them love them, I still love them. I can't explain what it is exactly, but the worlds she takes me to are the best thing ever. I want to build a home there, or at least rent a room from one of the characters. In her angel series, I want to buy a cloud and meet a nice but ruthless angel to settle down with. In her Lords of the Underworld series, I want to live in their fortress and await a demon cursed warrior's attentions to find me. And in her White Rabbit Chronicles, I want to see into the spirit world, see the zombies, and fight them.

This is what an author should do, it's why I love reading and what I hope to one day achieve myself. I wanted to write this semi-review as a mash up of Mention Monday and Writer Wednesday. So, if you haven't read Showalter, I highly recommend checking her out. And if you have, you should check out the White Rabbit Chronicles. And if you've read her books and don't care for her, then, let's move on :P

I'm working out some details that will involve some giveaways. I'm not sure exactly what all I'll be giving away or when, but it will be soon. I'm mentioning it now, so you'll know to keep an eye out.

Also, I'm working on getting my Talk (To Me) Tuesday all planned out so that I can get some interviews going. I'm planning on more than just authors too, but I'll wait until details are smoothed a little better before I put it out there.

Other than that, I'm just editing and working on getting my stuff together to try submitting soon. I'll have another post soon. Until then, have an awesome day (or days) and I'll see you soon. :)

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Fighting zombies in Wonderland - that would be a trip!
Your Tuesday posts sound like they will be great.