Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Little Late...

I just realized that it's the first Thursday of this month and that means I missed the first Wednesday. And then I come to my lovely little neglected blog to see I haven't posted since June...Damn. I'm sorry about that.

(Make sure to go visit the Insecure Writer's Support Group website and the wonderful Alex J Cavanaugh as well.)

A couple of real quick things because unfortunately I don't really have more than a moment to post.

June and July flew right on by faster than ever before. This was the fastest, busiest, craziest summer I've had in all my 28 years. I've caught up, got behind, caught up, edited, worked a lot for free, worked a lot for not free, did a decent job of keeping my kids occupied, did a not so decent job of keeping my kids occupied, and did a barely decent job of not going crazy in all the madness.

Writing is happening, every once in a while. I've been reading a lot too, only as I've had time though. And I worked on crits, but then lost my internet for a bit and I've been behind since. But now I have to wait for AQC to come back up so I can get caught up again.

I think my biggest insecurity I've been feeling recently is that my current MS that I've been editing isn't really worth it and my other completed MS that I should just query or self pub is garbage even though I put a TON of effort into fixing it. I love both stories. And I really love the one I'm editing. But I've started posting it for critique and the crits (only chapter one...) on it have brought back old feelings from the first MS I had critted and I start worrying that I'm going to be in the same place I was. Mega editing and rewriting until I have a story that I love and hate all in one. Hopefully it's not going to end up like that and hopefully eventually I won't have anything but love for my first MS.

Last thing, I'm thinking I need to switch my blog. I'm not sure exactly what I want to do because I actually like blogger and Idk if I'll like something else as much. But I've had trouble with my blogger stuff ever since I got this laptop with Win 8. So, if anyone has any ideas/suggestions I'll gladly take 'em.

I hope everyone else is having a wonderful summer and I'll see you soon. (Hopefully sooner than a month or two.)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If you've put all that work into them, I bet they are much better than you think.
Windows 8 is awful. Maybe it's your browser though? Do you use IE or Firefox?

Debra McKellan said...

Welcome back, Kela! That does sound like a heck of a lot.

Kela McClelland said...

Alex- I was using Chrome when I first started having issues. I switched to IE after that and was still having trouble. But my Firefox works (a little slow) without any errors. Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't thought to check on that one. :) And I agree that Win 8 is awful. I keep thinking It'll start growing on me, but it hasn't yet.

Debra- It is a lot. I'd be a little more at ease with school being back in, but the girls' school has 90%+ new staff this year so it's a bit stressful. I'm staying positive though and trying to believe it'll all smooth out in a week or few. Thanks for the welcome and for coming by to see me :)

SC Author said...

What glitches are you experiencing? Maybe I can help. I have Windows 8 and use Chrome and Blogger works great for me! I'm glad you're writing, though. Revisions always are a pain and drain all the energy and hope from you. If you latch on to the nugget of gold in your MS, you'll have it.