Monday, March 30, 2015

Getting Ready to Get Challenged

I've decided to join the April A to Z Challenge. It may or may not work out. I may or may not succeed. But I will try my best and that's what counts. I do have a plan. I'm going to write something about the first word or thing that comes into my mind that has something to do with the letter for that day. The way my mind works, it should at least be somewhat interesting. It will also possibly seem like I have a couple of personalities...

But, that's okay. Hopefully this challenge will be exactly what I need to get out of my rut. And maybe it won't. I've tried so many things though and one more won't hurt anything.

So, I'll see you on  Wednesday (which btw, is going to still be an IWSG post as well as my A post) and I hope you have an awesome day. :)

Are you joining in on the A to Z Challenge? Have you done it in the past? If so, what do you like about it and if not, is there any specific reason? I've done it once and it was fun, hard too, but still fun.

EDIT 3/30: Dang, I forgot I had this scheduled for today. I was thinking I did it for tomorrow(Tuesday). Oh well. I'm adding this edit to put a link to a post I did on Saturday that is very important to me. If you haven't already, can you please GO HERE and check that post out. Thanks. :)


Carolyn Brown said...
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Carolyn Brown said...

Glad to see you are excited to take part in the challenge. I am just dropping by to say hi as a minion for Jeremy Hawkins, Retro Zombie.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Glad you are on board for the Challenge! Wednesday will be wild with the Challenge beginning on IWSG post day.