Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Infamous Query

So, this is my first ever blog post, not even really sure I get the point of blogging, but I am going for it. Don't really know what to say. I guess since it is my first post I will tell a little about myself.

I am a mother of two, I do not go to an actual job and clock in, but I work pretty much 17 hours a day. I take care of the kiddos, all errands for my family(parents and sister included in that, not just my kids), all grocery shopping, sometimes pick up and/or drop off my niece and nephew, all cooking, and cleaning is split-not always evenly- but still split.

When I am not doing the above I am a writer. I have always loved to write poetry-I started in 1995 with my poetry. One day about a year ago I decided I love to write poetry, I have written some short stories, why not try out writing a book. I did not actually sit down and begin writing the book until earlier this year, but I got it done and am now working on getting it out there. I have been working on my query, but it is a hard process, i do believe I would rather write another book than have to write a query. That does not matter though, I have to do it. So, this brings me around a bit to why I decided today would be the day I start my blog.


I have now written about ten queries for this book, I did not like the first six so I revised and revised. Finally on number seven i decided I would post it on Query Tracker and get some feedback from my fellow writers.

It was not very good. So I took the advice they gave and I wrote my eighth query letter, and posted that one. It was better, but still left a lot to wonder. I picked myself up and wrote my ninth-didn't like it so I revised it and posted my tenth. I got two reviews on it and it was not good, not bad either, but not good. I was told it was a little sterile. Also it reads as if my book has no conflict. Ugh, I cannot believe how complicated this process is, I absolutely hate it.

I positively hate the query letter(hate the synopsis as well, just a little FYI). I had some times writing my book that were hard. At times I would wonder if I would ever really complete the book. With my query letter I keep trying to tell myself that I should not get negative about it, I should keep my head up and keep on going. I hate it, it makes me so frustrated and it has caused the first teardrops on my book.

Not necessarily in the literal sense, but I have officially shed the first sad tears since setting out on the journey of an author. I do not know that they are actually sad tears as much as frustrated ones. Nevertheless, whatever type they are, happy is not it. That is where my blog title has come from. I know this is going to be a long journey, and it will be full of many things happening, many emotions, and many teardrops falling-whether they be happy or sad or any other.

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