Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Love My Fellow Authors...

And I love Query Tracker and Agent Query Connect.

I recently posted a question on Query Tracker in a topic that I had posted my query(and some revisions). I was so confused because I have a problem understanding what is really supposed to be in a query. Even after researching and reading SO many things on how to write a query and all other reading about writing queries, I was at a loss on exactly how much of my book to put. I kept getting feedback on my queries saying they need conflict where's the conflict, what's the conflict, etc. So once the question was posed I didn't get the exact answer I was looking for, but I did get some answers.

The posts by my fellow authors had me almost doubting my book, at first, but then they made me sit back and really focus. Once I focused in on the book better I realized where I was messing up. I am so excited now to realize something that has been missing! I have NO IDEA where or how I am going to fit it in, but I know what I need to fit in.

So, I just wanted to post that I love the sites out there where aspiring authors (and even agented and established authors) can get and give advice and I love the people on there that do just that. I know that not everyone can appreciate the raw, blunt, honest opinions of people who are truly out to help you. I APPRECIATE ALL HELP.

I have absolutely no followers right now, but hopefully if you read this (and you are one of those people who help other authors) you will know you are appreciated-and if you are one of those people who post something and don't like the bluntness you get, get over it, suck it up and enjoy the fact that there is someone out there who is willing to give you an honest opinion, someone who just wants to help you in the best way.

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