Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year-And All That Comes With It

Well, my Countdown to Christmas days 18-25 were stolen by-everything. All the business, the hustle and bustle so to speak-took over my time and my countdown was lost. But-since there is no use dwelling on what could of been, we will move on to what will be :)

I have many things on my mind to talk about right now but since this is my first post of 2012, I am going to talk about resolutions...I will begin this topic with my resolutions

  1. Write ( Technically, I do this daily, but still-got to put it on the list to make sure I continue)
  2. Have Faith in what I write (This one is complicated for me. I love what I write, but then I am easily swayed by others opinions. I begin to question a large bit of what I have written because of what they say about it. Funny that this resolution also brings on another blog topic that I have floating around my head-will post it later...)
  3. Complete all the revisions on my completed MS-complete aside from all the revising that I keep doing. This resolution has a deadline due to number 6...
  4. Complete and polish my query letter
  5. Complete and polish my long and short synopsis (This and number 4 will be the hardest for me)
  6. Begin to query agents by May 2012 (This has been my goal I set shortly after I completed my book and really started to research all the industry things. My reason for May is because that will be one year since I wrote my book-Perhaps I am ambitious, but oh well-it is what it is)
  7. To be healthy (This is a resolution I have had for many years and I do live healthier each year. I continue to put it on my list because it never hurts to become healthier)
  8. To make real time for myself (I say real because most of the time I spend-just me-is late at night, very late at night. Once the kiddos are asleep and nightly chores are done. And even then, most of the time my me time is spent writing, which is okay and all-but at 26 I should find time to do something outside of the house-something other than household shopping, running errands, driving people (family) around, etc. This is another hard one as most of my day consists of the prev mentioned chores)
  9. Find something that interests my children (They are wild and get bored easily. I know I am biased, but my kids are too smart-they may not be geniuses, but sometimes they are way too smart. My three year old can spell and write her name, but wont. She said-Mama you can write my name and if you wont do it, my sister knows how. Why should I do it myself when I can get other people to do it for me....Word for word, that was what she told me. I know that does not make her uber-smart, but it was just an example... Anyway, they don't care about TV, they don't care about toys-like em, but couldn't care less if they don't have them, they both read-but get bored with it quickly (1 or 2 books and they are done), point is they get bored. Therefore they think up things to do that they think will be fun. This usually means doing something they shouldn't. No matter what I try-no matter if I am right there, they do the wrong thing and its simply out of boredom. So I would like to find something that occupies their minds that seems to move at the speed of light. This is going to be the ABSOLUTE challenge for me)
  10. To be on time (This one is general because I am late-at least 95% of the time. And i mean late in every single thing I do. Dr appointments, practices for my daughters sports and activities for both of them, taking them to school-even if they are not late late, its a mad dash around the house and to the car and into the school just to attempt to be there before the teacher takes attendance, late with posts in my crit group---Period, i am always late...I was even literally born late-Mom was due towards the end of November and I didn't come until December 18. Everyone who knows me has a constant joke about me being late. Some people even tell me the time to be somewhere as 30 mins earlier to try to make me on time)
  11. This is my final resolution and it is sorta vague...I want to be better (At everything. I do my best in everything I do, but there is always room for improvement. I don't think negatively about myself or any aspect of my life, but I want to improve in every aspect of my life-Better writer, better listener, better reader, better mom-daughter-sister-aunt-cousin-niece-granddaughter-friend; just overall better. I will never be the best, and that's not a low confidence thing, just how I feel. I do not think anyone can be the best-but everyone can be better.)
And that is my longer than usual list of resolutions. Some of them will be a big challenge, but I am confident that I will be able to cross out each one. So, anyone reading this-feel free to post your resolutions or even goals for 2012, or comment on mine. I just thought about them and thought resolutions are such a common topic at the beginning of each year-why not make it my first post of the year?
Happy New Year everyone, may 2012 be your year. May it be the year that your dreams come true-whatever they may be(as long as they are nice) May you be blessed with happiness in 2012.

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