Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Will There Ever...

I would normally space my poetry out, but I am working a new angle. Each week I will post one or two poems. I can't schedule my blog posts because I write them when inspiration hits. People say if you want a following it's best to have a set day that you post something, have a routine. Well, I can't do that. What I can do though, is give my followers a new poem or two each week. Now, they won't always be new, some will be poems I wrote when I was younger, but anywho. If you would like a guarantee that there will be something to read on my blog, my poetry is the only thing I can guarantee will be posted weekly. Now, on to the poem. This was selected at random, I told myself whatever page I opened to would be the poem I post, so, here it is.

Will There Ever...

Will there ever be water
Clear enough to see to the end
Will there ever be fresh air
For us to breathe in

Will there ever be clear skies
For the birds to fly
Will there ever be a person
Who isn't to busy to stop and say hi

Will children ever get to play outside
Without parents having to worry
Will anyone ever have
A true happy ending like bedtime stories

Will there ever not
Be homeless people on the streets
Will the rich ever know
How it feels in a coach seat

Will there ever be a time
When every addict seeks help
Will there ever be
A promise kept

Will there ever be
True happiness in this world
Will forever, ever be
More than just a word

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