Monday, June 4, 2012

Mention Monday - A Few Newly Agented

Oh-yeah, that's a title we all (writers) at some point aspire to have, right? Well, most of us at least. (And note, I said at some point. I'm not talking down about Indie or Self-Pubbing). I just happen to know of quite a few people who have been having a wee bit of success over at my favorite site-AQC. What's that? You still haven't been to this awesomely wonderful site yet? Do you see what good comes from this site?!? Oh wait....I haven't really told you yet, my bad. :D

Over at that site there have been numerous people over the last few months who have either landed an agent or publishing deal. It's AWESOME!!!! And these people are such wonderful and deserving people that I thought they should have a Mention Monday spot.

I'm just going to hit on this year:

Beginning in January the amazing and awesome Lori Sjoberg (her TAG! is here if you missed it) got a two book publishing deal for her awesomely awesome reaper series. Then the wonderful S.K. Keogh signed a publication deal for her historical novel (technically she was offered the deal before Christmas, but it was January when she signed ;)   And then the freaking fantastically awesomeness that is Robert K Lewis (thrownbones over at AQC) signed a two book deal. Then came a book deal for Terri Bruce (see TAG! here) and Michelle Reed (Michelle_in_WI on AQC) (who was mentioned in Publisher's Weekly ;)  And someone who's story (especially the characters) I happen to love...someone who went through tons of rejections with numerous things being said that made the hopes of ever seeing the book in print seem like slim to none...Jayne Denker (her TAG! is here) landed an agent.

(Are you're eyes gettin' all wonky from the numerous links yet? Hope not 'cause we're not done :D  )

Don F (bigdonf on AQC) signed with a publisher. Stephanie Diaz landed an agent (her query had 26 partial/full requests (most of them fulls) and FOUR offers of representation. Then Precy Larkins (AKA Cherie) landed an agent from a query that had NINE full requests and an offer). ALBrock just landed an agent. And then the news that made me say, "I HAVE to mention all the AWESOMENESS of my fellow AQCers!!!".....The sweetheart and so smart and so wonderfully AWESOME RC Lewis landed an agent from a query that got ELEVEN fulls and FIVE offers!!!!! WOOOOOOT to all my fellow AQCers, you are all full of all kinds of AWESOME!!!
Take a moment to stop by and congratulate some of these awesome people. Some of them went through times where they were done and ready to completely throw in the towel. Some of them kept at it for 8+ years, struggling and feeling like nothing would ever happen. Some of them are young (Stephanie) and some of them are pregnant (and/or were pregnant at some point(s) and I can say that's not an easy time). Many (if not all of them) spend their days working hard at regular jobs (or attending school) and yet they still managed. They're all such wonderful people and I'm so HAPPY for them.

(Nobody else take offense please, I do know that all of my wonderful online friends work so hard for what they've accomplished and what they're working to accomplish.)

Happy Mentioning Everyone! :D


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's a lot of successful writers! Congratulations to all of them.

Kela McClelland said...

Alex- Yes it is :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the mention! <3

Angie Sandro said...

Congrats to the amazing AQCers.

Precy Larkins said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Kela! You're so sweet! :) And congrats to all of the AQers with the awesome news. :)

Terri Bruce said...

Thanks for the shout out Kela! It has been harvest season at AQC lately, which is awesome! And yes, it took some of us (::cough:: 86 confirmed rejections and about another twenty never heard froms, so over 100 total before I got signed ::cough::) a long, grueling time - I had two rejections come in this week, in fact (3 months after I signed). I guess the lesson is "Never give up! Never surrender!"