Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday - Review: Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

Three Stars to Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer

I read the first book of this series (The Nightshade series) and loved it. So, I was hoping to love this one as well. I did, though I was little unsure if I should really give it four stars or three. Not that it wasn't a great read, just that it wasn't what I expected exactly. (BTW: The cover I used is the first cover, there is a 'new' one and I don't like it, so I'm not using it.)

Cala is an Alpha, born from the Alpha couple that lead the Nightshades. This book picks up with her waking in the Academy for the Searchers. Searchers are magical people who hunt Guardians (which is what Cala is, it's the group of people who shift into wolf form) and Keepers. And how much of any of this makes sense if you haven't read the books? Probably not much, sorry. :/

I'm going to go on and spoil it now for anyone who wants...

In book one of this series, Cala is a seventeen year old Guardian who is born to be an Alpha. The Keepers (the Guardian's masters) are basically forcing Cala and Ren (the Bane pack's seventeen year old who is born to be Alpha) to get married and become the Alphas of a new pack, a younger pack. Cala has always known about the union, but then she meets a human boy whom she falls in love with. At one point in the book (this is Nightshade I'm talking about), Cala turns the human boy (Shay) into a wolf. Then they find out that Shay is the Scion ('The Chosen One' who will save everyone from the evil Keepers. By the end of the book, the union is supposed to happen, but Cala finds out she's supposed to kill Shay to complete her union with Ren. Cala refuses and rescues Shay. Book one ends with Shay and Cala being taken by the Searchers.

So, book two starts with Cala waking up at the Searchers' Academy. A LOT of this book is an info dump about the history of the Searchers, Keepers, and Guardians. There were several parts I skimmed right over because it was just, a lot.

On top of the info dump, you've got Cala fighting with herself because she can't decide...she wants Shay, no Ren, no Shay, no get the idea. But then she gives into Shay's constant, I want you, you want me, so give it to me!s and they well, yeah...

Yet the book ends with Cala and a Searcher going on a secret mission to try and rescue Ren from the other Gaurdians.

There were ups and downs, goods and bads to this book. But in the end, I did like it. I also am looking forward to when my copy I reserved at the library comes in. If you are still interested in reading this book (which, I really think you should), please start with book one, Nightshade. It really makes more sense when you've read it from the beginning.

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