Saturday, October 1, 2011

Agent Research

Well, I was all geared up last night to post but then I did not. The reason is because last night would have been the same post as Thursday-I love my fellow authors. Any aspiring author-or even one who is established but still in the query/agent research game-should definitely get out into the social network for authors. There are so many of us out there, and so many of us are just really great people. So many great people who are willing to take time from the long process of writing a novel, editing and polishing that novel, writing a query, editing and polishing that query, researching agents, querying agents, and everything else that goes along with being a writer. So, I just wanted to say another thank you to any one who reads this who is one of these great people, someone who is willing to extend a hand.

Next thought for tonight- I have posted on Query Tracker and on AQ Connect (my query) I was getting a little feedback on AQC but then nothing, nada, and even what feedback I was getting was only coming from a few people. On QT I got feedback from only 3 people, but it was sooooo helpful. I was really hoping that i would get some more advice from my peers on AQC but I think I am going on to sending out queries. I could sit around and wait, hoping I get more feedback, but I really think I should just go with what I have. I like this query(not that it says much because I liked all the others) this one is improved compared to some of the others, so I am just going to go on and begin the querying process. I figure if i get rejection after rejection after rejection-and so on- then i will repost the query and hope that even though it will be in an older topic, that people will help me out. Tomorrow begins the journey down query lane and we shall see where it leads...

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