Sunday, October 2, 2011

Query Critiques

Well, I ended up not taking the latest query and using it...I revised. I actually like my revision best of all of them. I am pretty sure I will begin sending it out starting tomorrow. It gets to the point when you have to just get out there and give it a go. If I continue getting critiques and revising who knows when I will really send a query. This takes me around to the topic at hand....


So many writers(that I have noticed), especially just starting out, get so nervous about everything. Is my novel really ready? Maybe I should add this, or take this away, or maybe even rearrange. Is my synopsis right? Is my query letter good enough? Is it the right letter to get the agent I have been longing for? Point being, we get nervous and paranoid and then we begin to question everything we are doing. Sometimes the thing to do is just sit back and think-why am i doing this? Why did I just spend X ammount of months writing this novel? Why did i just spend another however more months(or years) reading through it and editing?
Personally I write for one MAIN reason-I love to do it. I know there are people out there who decide they know how to write and they do it well so why not just write a novel or five because they can. Those people may sell a book, hell they may even make it for a few more books, but they will never be a true AUTHOR, its impossible. There will come a book that, although it may be well written and thought out, they will not be able to write a compelling query or synopsis. The reason is this
-a TRUE AUTHOR writes out of a love for writing, a desire to be heard-they have a story inside and MUST get it out there, everyone has to hear it. If you are not in love with writing, it is not truly good writing. How can you make someone love your book and want to read more if you do not love it yourself? Answer is, you cant. It is hard enough to write a good query letter when you actually do love to write. So, the true writer will write because they love to. It is only natural they get nervous about perfection. Since you love your story and you crave for others to read it so they can love it as much as you do, you get paranoid and worried. Since this is how you are feeling when you post your query on a site, such as , you are anxious and you take critiques and you revise and repost and you get critiques and you revise-and this goes on and on, depending on how well your query is written. So, I just want to say to my fellow true writers, to every writer out there who writes out of love for writing-it is okay to take critiques, but at some point you have to sit back and say, I know I am capable of writing a concise and engaging query, I KNOW I CAN DO IT! Take that confidence and write a query, It is okay to get some critiques but after a while they get to a point where no one is saying the same thing. Some people like one thing while others dont like that same thing. So draft a query letter, read it over and decide if that is really the best representation of your novel, post it if you want, get some feedback and revise-you can even post it again, but you are going to get clashing opinions. It is a guarantee that no one will agree completely. Do not write query after query after query, it will lose to much if you do that. You write from your heart, write your query that same way, just keep your confidence and never stop believing in your work.

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