Monday, October 17, 2011

Writer's Block

Okay, I have recently been really trying to write my query. It is not working. I have lost whatever groove I was in. I wrote my entire novel, fairly smoothly and now have the WORST writer's block. I have tried everything I could think of to try to break down the wall, the VERY BIGGGGG wall. Nothing has been working, until tonight, at lest that is what I thought. All of the sudden I was sitting at my "desk" not even really messing with my computer, it was on and I was just looking at it, not even really thinking about my query. Then, BAM, my brain was like, open up word and start typing. Unfortunately, I did not get much, well I wrote the whole query and read it, it was not very good. I realized that, although i will never give up, there are so many things in my mind unrelated to my novel that i can hardly expect a good query to come through. I mean, my writers block is made up of bricks that consist of everything that has been happening in my life.
My kids are CRAZY, love em, but sometimes mama really needs some time without so much crazy. I am not sure why, but they are wild lately, and defiant. Then there is the fact that i clean daily and just when i am done, i turn around and there is a whole new mess-like a tornado blew through. Of course, that is again related to the children....Then i have problems happening with my hands-my right pinkie and half of my ring finger are completely numb, and now the left pinkie is starting to go numb. So, i am thinking of what exactly that means-waiting to get to the DR. Then, weather is getting cooler, which can be nice, but it is not nice for my joint/back pain. Top that off with stupid drama with my children's father and the other BS happening, its a nice BIG wall-plenty of bricks to build with. Now that i have said all of that I want to say this, writer's block can be caused by so many different things-perhaps it is not as obvious as mine, but still the reason is there. Here is where my blog title comes in, I myself am a cry-baby---I freely admit that. i am just a very sensitive person, i have a very big heart and therefore am touched by everything. So, I let myself cry it out. It has yet to work this evening, but I do believe the wall is crumbling. The thing is, since I cry, a lot sometimes, that is a great way for me to clear my head-not the only way, but typically the best. Point-stop, take a deep breath and determine exactly what is causing your writers block and REALLY think about what is the BEST way you can blow that wall up. I know many already know this, but some may not, some may think they know, but aren't really clearing that wall the absolute best way.. I am just saying.

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