Tuesday, October 4, 2011

That AHA! Moment

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night out of a good, deep sleep. The first thought I had was, DAMN! That's why I have been having difficulty with my query letter.

When I set out to write the story in my heart, I did not plan to write a romance novel, but I think, even though I was in denial, that my book is exactly that. I have been writing a query for an Urban Fantasy novel with just a little romance mixed in. I even told myself that it could work without the romance, I think I am wrong. I think the romance is what adds to the interest in my novel. Yes there are things happening that are good, but I really do not think it works without the romantic elements, at least not as well. I mean, if I take everything else away, it is a book about a woman who has been through a few horrible relationships and is jaded when it comes to men. She is not the normal gorgeous, thin woman that you find as main characters in books. She is pretty enough, a little on the heavy side, and is lacking slightly in confidence. Eamon is a vampire who has not had any real relationships because every relationship hes been in, whether it was with a human or vampire, he can hear their thoughts and it gets irritating. They meet and Sheena is already obsessed with the vampires she reads about in fantasy novels, so shes okay with learning vampires exist, and the fact that Eamon is deliciously sexy is a bonus. Then Eamon learns he cant read/hear Sheena's thoughts which makes her automatically attractive. The fact that they learn later is they are SUPPOSED to be together, made to be together. Neither could ever truly be happy without each other now that they have met. The relationship stuff is mixed in with other things happening, but these are main points of the story too. So, I think if I accept the fact that my novel is a Paranormal Romance, and write the query letter with that in mind, it will work better. Although I really do not want to write romance, even my next book in the series I have planned has romance in it. The series is going to have things happening, but a main thing that will happen in every book is that a man and a woman, at least one of them a vampire, will meet, find out they are supposed to be together and fall in love. Therefore, it is a romance novel. There is a good chance there will never be any detailed sex scenes, but there will be enough happening to make that OK, its just another difference in my vamp series. SO I just wanted to write about my AHA! moment because I am sure it will not be the last, probably isn't even the first and I am sure everyone of us gets them-and you never know when they will come or where they come from.

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