Monday, September 17, 2012

Genre Favorites Blogfest

Woot! Time for another blogfest.

Genre Favorites

Hosted by the AWESOMELY AMAZING Alex J Cavanaugh

What does it mean? Post your favorite genre in the following categories:
Plus a Guilty Pleasure from one of these categories.

My favorite movie genre-which I'm pretty sure I've said before-is horror. I've loved it since I was 2.

Music is a tough one. I listen to pretty much anything. I like rap, classic rock, country, classical music, rnb, pop, hip hop, soft rock, hard rock...Really-I listen to them ALL. My playlist right now has all of those on it. But if I had to pick just one to listen to, I'd go country. My reasoning is that country has songs that could almost fit into each of those categories-in a sense.

My favorite book genre is a little bit easy-I read anything with supernatural/paranormal/fantasy/sci-fi elements. Some of you may be saying, those are not all the same genre, so how is it easy? Simple, I consider anything with magic, vampires, witches, wizards, aliens, reapers, angels, demons, made up worlds/planets, etc to be one genre. I hate the genre labels. If I had to name one, it'd be paranormal. But I read books labeled Urban Fantasy-which, um, is fantasy and those have vampires in them. So, I don't know. I mean, really-they're all the same genre-Fantasy. So, whatever genre you want to call it, that's my favorite. (Though I will read anything if it's good-I'll try anything if I think it might be good)

Guilty Pleasure from any of these categories would probably, Idk. I'm not secretive about anything. I do read Erotica. One of my favorite authors is someone who writes African American/Lesbian, Gay, Bi/Erotica books-her name is Zane-her books are SEX-and I've read a good majority of them and love them. I don't talk about the fact that I read Erotica, so I suppose it would fit in the GP category.

Make sure you stop by Alex's blog-check out the other peeps signed up, follow his blog, read it-love it-because he's quite awesome.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone. And what are your favorite genres? :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'd say your favorite book genre is speculative fiction then!
And not many women who dig horror. That is cool.
Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

Kela McClelland said...

Alex-Spec Fic! I can't believe I didn't think of that. Jeez. Nice. Thanks :) And thanks for the blogfest :D

M.J. Fifield said...

I am not a horror fan by any stretch of the imagination. If I watch a horror movie, it's usually with my hands over my eyes.

Jeremy [HWR Curator] said...

horror rules, though you are going to have to lock down on one type of music... kidding. that is a robot response.

Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine

Anonymous said...

My cousin turned me on to Zane. No pun intended.

Tamara said...

First off, I love the name of your blog.

And I've been bouncing around on this blogfest all day. These were some of the best answers I saw.

I agree that any kind of spec fiction is amazingly awesome. Give me a book with fantasy elements and I'm a happy girl.

I like some country, mostly the stuff that's more country/pop. I also like rock, indie rock, alternative, soundtracks, Eminem (not rap, just Eminem) etc...etc...

I'm actually not a huge fan of horror movies, because I don't like being scared. I'm a baby. haha. Oddly enough, I really like reading horror. I love Stephen King. it's like...I can tone it down to something I can handle in my imagination. I can't do that with a movie.

Anyway, I just wanted to say you gained a new follower for having such amazingly awesome answers. Nice to meet you!!

James Garcia Jr. said...

Hi, Kela. As you can see, I'm still working my way through the list. As a horror writer, I appreciate the shout out for the genre. Since you were 2!?! Wow! :)
Thanks for sharing.