Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Double Up

I decided that double posting was not a great idea, which led to the decision to repost my rafflecopter entry form today.

Check out the guest post from Terri Bruce. The rafflecopter giveaway is located on that post, but here it is again. Enter and spread the word. It's a pretty awesome book. :D

Happy Thursday, Everyone. :)

(PS-I'll be back to my Thursday TAG! posts next week.)

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Anonymously Yours said...

Fav movie of ghosts and afterlife?? Hold on. The Gift is probably my favorite. I like the suspense and that the MC has to go through hell because of her gift - made fun of, still deal with people not believing and her gift refusing to leave her alone until she figures it out.

I already have Terri's Hereafter - bloody good book!