Monday, September 3, 2012

What I Did Last Summer Blog Hop - Fire in the Hole

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Okay, y'all, it's time for another blog hop. YAY! :D

Here's how this one works:

Monday, Sept 3-post one summer story, 500 words or less, true or false.
Tuesday, Sept 4-check out the other blogs taking part and see your competition.
Wednesday, Sept 5-post one summer story, 500 words or less, true or false depending on which you posted on Monday.
Thursday, Sept 6-check out the other blogs taking part and vote in the comments for which is their true story and which is their false.
Friday, Sept 7-reveal which story was true and which was false.
Late Friday/early Saturday, Sept 8- PRIZES!!! (Hop on over to Emily or Melanie's blog for complete rules and details.)

So, onto the blog hop.

One summer when I was about five years old, my parents took my sister and me to an amusement park. I was super excited, after all-it was my first amusement park and a chance to put a stop to my sister's endless taunting about how big of a sissy I am. (My sister and I are eight years apart, btw.)

So, we get to the park, ride a few BS rides and then get to the one. Ya know, that ONE roller coaster ride that every amusement park has guaranteed to rock your socks, make you puke/terrified/both/etc etc. I've always been short so when I saw the 'you must be this high to ride this ride' sign, my spirits drooped a little. I slinked up to the sign; shoulders slumped and pout on my face. The ride attendant laughs at me and says, “Go ahead and see, but I doubt a shorty like you will even come close.” That got my attention; I perked up, straightened my shoulders, and stood as tall as I could. I made the hight limit by one inch. YES! I was in.

My dad, my sister, and I make it through the line, climb into the cart, and are strapped in. Now, let me tell you about the ride. It was called 'Fire in the Hole' and was inside a building. There were scary things on the side of the rails, water that got dumped on you at different points, fire of course, and twists/turns/ups/downs. With my huge Kool-Aid smile on and hands gripped tight on the bar holding us in, the ride begins.

The thrills the ride promised were true. And although I was scared, I was determined to prove to my sister that I was not a big baby. I bit my tongue and tried to enjoy the ride. Then, halfway through-the ride halted. Wth?!? "Dad, why did it stop? Is it supposed to do that?!" "Of course, it's all part of the ride, honey, just relax." Then some ass in the cart behind us, leans up, grabs my shoulders, and says, "Don't listen to your dad, little girl. Scream and be terrified, because this ride just malfunctioned. We’re stuck, who knows what will happen now." Oh was my dad pissed, and damn was I scared. But, the ride started back almost immediately after.

Unfortunately, after the incident, I didn’t enjoy the ride one bit. I was horrified, crying, screaming, and almost pissing my pants. I couldn't get off the ride fast enough. I ran to my mom balling, as my dad cussed the crazy guy out. Crazy guy laughed it off and walked away, my sister made fun of me, and my dad laughed as he told my mom that I wasn’t ready for big kid rides and maybe we could try again in a few years.

Once my fear eased, anger and embarrassment kicked in. But, that experience scarred me for life; I hate and fear all roller coasters.


Tara Tyler said...

i've had this happen so it's possible, but i'm saving my judgment til wed!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That would be terrible if it were true! What a jerk.

Emily R. King said...

I've had that happen before, and it was scary! I hope it isn't true for you.

ilima said...

Ooh, I'm gonna add that your dad decked that guy. I'll just imagine it that way. :)

Melodie Wright said...

I hope this one isn't true! What an awful thing to happen.

SC Author said...

Hehe that's funny :) One time a coaster got stuck upside down and my mom ought my and my sister were on that ride and she was panicking! It was hilarious :)

Rebecca Taylor said...

That guy sounds like a jerk, but I think this story is fiction :-)

Anonymous said...

How horrible for that guy to ruin you for roller costers for life. Not nice. I have countless amusement park stories growing up. Perhaps I will use one for my next story. You brought me right back there.

Shell Flower said...

This one is too tricky to decide quite yet. I'm having a hard time believing the ride itself. Fire in the Hole? Really? But then, it's so crazy, it's probably true. Great story. You have people ready to lynch this guy. Now that's writing!

Aidyl Ewoh said...

Somehow I missed your blog on my last go-through for the fact/fiction. I’m going to guess this is Fact.

michelle said...

Somebody should have decked that Mr. Nasty...
I'm gonna go with fact on this one!

Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

Good story, but I'm going to guess FALSE!

Robin said...

Oh man, I'd be chewing that crazy guy out too. Why do people think it's "so fun" to scare the sh** out of others?

I'm guessing this one is true, but because I love roller coasters, I hope it's not:)