Friday, January 2, 2015

Blog Scheduling...

I've decided one things I would like to do is remodel my blog. I've got no clue how I want to do it though. I wish I knew how to make it a little fancy. Maybe I could get someone I know to do some sort of artwork for me and then I can figure out how to make it into a blog cover and button or something. Idk, it's just something I want to do. Maybe it'll be the thing that helps get my ass in gear.

Something else I want to have at the top of my list is setting a blog schedule. I know many of you post MWF, and some post T/Th, and others post daily and some just once a week...I'm not sure what will be my plan by the end of the year, but I think I'll start the year off posting on days I'm not swamped with children activities. So, that leaves...Tuesday and Friday unless they have make-up dance and/or a gymnastics meet. So, really I can only gaurantee no day that ends in a y I think. So...

Just kidding. I'm going to have to make a point to get some posts done during the day when they're doing schoolwork that doesn't require too much of my assistance. So, I'll aim for Monday and Wednesday to start. That will give me enough days of non-posting to get my posts thought out and ready to go live. Once I'm more organized and being a better blogger, I'll most likely move around my schedule.

Now, if only I can figure out what I'll post. Next week will be more ponderings though, still don't quite have it all planned out.

What kind of poster are you? Did you have a different (easier or more complicated) posting schedule when you first started blogging? Is there a particular schedule you think is best? If so, why?

See you Monday. Have a great weekend! :)


Debra McKellan said...

That sounds like a plan. :) I think when I started, I was going willy nilly. Then, I joined Express Yourself Weekly, which gave me something to do every week, so I started doing that on Tuesdays. Fridays I write whatever I want. Wednesdays, I started doing a line from what I'm reading. Not sure how many people care about that, but it keeps me busy. lol

Happy New Year!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

At the very least, you can go through all the templates and pick something new.
I post once or twice a week. Always on Monday and sometimes on Wednesday.
As for blog topics, I never seem to run out since it's all about the entertainment.