Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy 2015! :D

Okay, here we are, it's a new year, it's a better year, things are going to happen, feel the positive energy...

No really, here's the deal. I've got things I need to do and I really need to get my crap together this year. It's going to happen. I'm going to get shit rolling.

And here's what's happening:

  • Figure direction of blog
  • Get a blog schedule going
  • Get a chore list going for kids(and make them follow it)(also, stick to it)
  • Catch up on all 9 books checked out from the library (as of 1/1/15)
  • Make a list of all series' and get caught up on that reading
  • Finish two first drafts
  • Edit two MSs
  • Figure out what my publishing goal is and get going on that
  • Get house organized better
  • Get bedroom/storage room/attic decluttered
  •  Participate in and complete NaNoWriMo

That extra dot is because I know I have more and I'm planning to add to that list as I think of things I need to do this year. This year is going to be better, I'm going to make it better. I messed up last year and I'm not going that route again. I hate where I ended the year and I don't want that again.

How about you. Any resolutions? Massive or tiny to-do lists? Did you accomplish things in 2014 that you were hoping to? Let me know in the comments. Happy New Year! Have a great Thursday. (See you tomorrow for another post. I know, I know, my blog is probably going to crash from all this posting. :P )

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Author R. Mac Wheeler said...

And a happy 2015 to you :)