Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 14-The Best Gift To Give

I am posting yesterdays post late because I was having a problem thinking of a topic. My daughter is in Headstart and she got a gift from them today. It was a tiger with a blanket, a t-shirt that has Headstart on it, and some candy. Then I remembered seeing a Kindergarten class at her school opening presents yesterday. I don't have a lot of money, my children(who go to different schools) get free breakfast and lunch, as do the rest of the kids at their schools. Majority of the families at their schools can barely get just one gift for their children, and some cannot get any. The kids in those families do not even really know the difference, Christmas is exciting enough. My children have presents to open on Christmas, but not an extreme amount, and a lot of it will be clothing. Money is hard to come by these days, for a lot of people, and it got me thinking about the best gift out there. No matter how much or how little income you have, you can still give the greatest gift there is-compassion.
For those that have money available, why not give something to a child that has nothing. For those who are like me and barely get by providing for there own family, give time, love. You could do this by any means. There are plenty of things that those less fortunate would be happy to have. Take some time to think about it. You could volunteer at a homeless shelter, the salvation army, or anywhere that distributes food to people who don't have any, or who don't have enough. Or there is always the Salvation Army bell ringing. Even if you have very little-there are many place that sell toys, coloring books, crayons, etc, for a very low amount. You could go spend a little change and donate to Toys for Tots-or just that innocent kid down the street who has nothing to open on Christmas morning. The point is whether it be time, money, or just love-give it because compassion for those with little or none deserve to have it, especially during this time of year. Give the gift of giving, it will make someone else smile and it will make you feel good.

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