Friday, December 9, 2011

December 4-Children During Christmas Time

So, I don't know about anyone else's children, or even children you may know, but mine go crazy at this time of year. It's all the excitement, they know Christmas is coming and they cannot contain themselves. My kiddos get so anxious and wild-it makes no sense to me. I have always loved Christmas and I don't remember going too crazy in December, heck I even had my birthday to be anxious over. I do know it is not only mine that get excited. Many of the teachers at my eldest's school always talk about how crazy the kids get leading up to winter break. I think it isn't just Christmas, i think it is everything associated with December. Kids have a sense for things that we adults lost long ago. They have those feelings that we don't have time to stop and feel anymore. Kind of like a rush that we feel in our bodies, our hearts, that we just ignore. I mean really, who has time to think about how happy they should be over a month? Adults have so much going on that all they think of is that December is here, Christmas will follow and then New Years. We know the time is coming, we know what will happen on the 25th day of December, but we don't have time to let ourselves dwell on the things that means. We cant stop and go wild just because its almost Christmas. However, those sweet innocent children can. Each child has the ability to just be, to just accept, to just let whatever happens happen, and to just feel it all. Every thing that December and Christmas time bring with it. They have no responsibilities to hold them back from going buck wild. They can act however, they may get into a little trouble for it, but its okay. They are kids and its Christmas time, so everything is okay. I am making this post short and sweet, my point is an easy one here: Lets all take a child moment, take a lesson from that child you know-even if its your inner child. When you feel that flutter within that you don't have time for, make time for it! Feel its pull, let that little flutter fill your heart and GO CRAZY!!! Just not too crazy, you do still have responsibilities, just let them be for a moment and feel the excitement of this time of year. Who knows what it may do for you...

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