Friday, December 9, 2011

December 2-The Joys of Christmas

OK, here we are on day two of the countdown to Christmas and I have been thinking of all the joy that this time of year brings to me. The hustle and bustle. The decorations, at my home and all around town. The time with family. The lights in my little girls eyes. All the excitement of every child. The Christmas shows on TV, classics and new. The music associated with this time of year. The sign that I have conquered yet another year of the madness that is life. The giving, love, happiness, sharing, smiling, laughing. These are the joys of Christmas. I am sure that somewhere in there I missed things, there is so much to be joyous about during this time. I may be a little bias because I am not only a winter baby, but a December baby and one week shy of being a Christmas baby, but this is absolutely the BEST time of the entire year. December makes any troubles suffered the other 11 months all worth while. It makes every heartache, teardrop, and anger for someone or something-meaningful. December is the time when people are more caring. At least 50% of people are going to feel the Christmas spirit. People are going to give to the less fortunate-those that have been forgotten all year. Some will reach out to family they ignored January through November. Others will call up that friend they couldn't find time for. Strangers will speak to other strangers in the street-even if it is just a simple nod of the head-it happens during this time. I love it, every bit of it. My heart is huge-I always give when I can. Smile at the woman furious about-what? I don't know, but she needs a smile. I always donate food to food banks as often as I can. I donate all clothes my children and i outgrow and I do what i can for those who have less than I do(which trust me-is VERY little). Point is, I always give, i am that person who wants everyone to always be happy. That one who wants no crime to ever happen. I have never stolen, I don't cheat, I do my very best to never lie, i want everyone to love each other. This is my time-December is that one time of year that other people feel the way I do. The kindness that Christmas brings out in people is what is the most joyous part of Christmas for me. I enjoy seeing so much giving, so much caring, so much love. it makes Christmas the most wonderful time for me. So-my lesson for this post is short:
Think of all the joys of Christmas. Think of everything happy that you can during this time and embrace it. Take it all in and then-carry it over to January, February, March, etc. The kindness that makes December the most wonderful time of the year should not be reserved for Christmas only, it should be kept with you always...Let the joys of Christmas become the joys of the year.

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