Friday, December 9, 2011

December 8-Deck the Halls

Well I fell asleep last night prior to finishing this post and when I went to edit it-I realized I hadn't published my posts Dec2-7. I guess I was saving instead of publishing-that's why you should not wait until you are WAY past tired to get around to your blog. WOW- oh well, I got days 2-7 posted so if you are reading this one, wondering what happened to the others-they are now posted, sorry about that....

Here we are, 8 days in and 17 aways from Christmas and I have yet to decorate. I don't know what has happened this year, but I have not gotten around to setting up my Christmas decorations. My children are going crazy, begging me to get it done. It makes me feel bad that I have not made time to do so, but things are hectic around here-as is normal for Christmas time. I mean, I do have a few things out, but it doesn't really feel like Christmas until the tree is up. Even if you only put a small tree of any sort-do it. I remember one year I couldn't afford a tree so I improvised. We had a fake tree-like plant and I decorated it. I put garland and ornaments and even candy canes and we put all our presents under the tree-and it was great. The point of decorations, for me, is another sign of Christmas. It is a part of Christmas celebrations and traditions. No matter where you are in your life, find a moment, a way, to decorate. Even if you celebrate the Christmas season different-decorate for what you celebrate, but just do it. The joys of Christmas are not just in the things that happen in this season, they are also about being able to walk into your home and be reminded of what time of year it is. Without some kind of decorations to pick you up when you get down, it is harder to pick yourself up. It may seem silly, but its true. Whether you live alone, or with others, take a little time to Deck the Halls and celebrate Christmas-or whatever you choose, just celebrate.

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