Friday, December 9, 2011

December 7-Frosty

Those nights you cant wait to get into your nice warm bed, and snuggle under the covers. The mornings you get up and there is frost blanketing the yards and covering your car windows. Running out to the car 10 minutes before you have to leave because if you don't warm it up you wont be able to see and you may mess something up.
On day seven I have decided to take time to recognize the cold, frosty, winter weather. Weather is also very significant to this time. I mean, I remember being little and wanting a white Christmas SO bad. I begged with Mother Nature to please let it snow for Christmas. Of course, as I got older, those pleadings for snow turned in to begging for it to not snow. I drive well, and I know how to drive in the snow-but I hate it. I would absolutely love it if it could snow snow snow-but not touch the streets. Here in Oklahoma we have the oddest weather and winter has been crazy the last few years. It was just last year that we had our blizzard-and snow like that just doesn't happen here. I am a winter baby and winter is typically my favorite season, but as a grow older I grow weary of the cold. I cannot stand to be cold. If I had to choose between being cold and being hot-I would definitely pick cold. But it doesn't mean I love it as much as I used to. At least when you are cold though, you can bundle up and cuddle up to get warm. In the summer months-there is no cuddling. Most days its more like-touch me and I may have to hurt you. Summer is sticky hot and Winter is frosty cold. We transition from warm weather to cold weather and that is something else that plays a part in the love of the Christmas season. People want to cuddle up to loved ones. We sit around drinking hot chocolate, cappuccino, coffee, tea, or whatever else your warm me up drink may be. This season causes us to spend more time inside, therefore more time together. It makes us have to find things to do together where we can be warm and still be entertained. So, snuggle up with your spouse, or your child(ren), your mother or father, grandmother or grandpa, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your friend(s) or even your pets-whoever you choose-just cuddle. It is the best way to spread the love and keep warm. It is just another blessing of Christmas, embrace it, and embrace someone you hold dear.

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