Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

(Before I get started with my thoughts today, I want to remind/let you know that I'm having my first GIVEAWAY!!! If you haven't had a chance to go check it out, HERE'S THE LINK. :D  )

I have been working out a new schedule for my blog and I'm still not sure what I want to do.

Originally, M/W were when I pick one topic and break into a series of sorts. Tues was my Thoughtful Tuesday posts. Thursday for my TAGs, Sat for the week wrapped up, and Sunday for book reviews or shout outs/promotions/recommendations of people/books/sites or blogs.

Now, I want to move a few things around. I'm getting more reading time in because my TBR is so huge, I need to read more. By doing that, I have more book reviews which takes away from my shout outs. I don't like not recommending or recognizing people, so I want to have a day just for that.

The set plan is Thoughtful Tuesdays, Thursday TAG!s, and the Saturday week wrapped up will stay. Something Sunday will now be literally Something Sundays. What I mean by that is, if 'something' comes up (like how I did Mother's Day this past Sunday), then I'll talk about it. Other than something specific croping up, Sunday's will be nothing. I love posting everyday except Friday, but I want to make sure my posts are interesting and are being read.

So, here is my new schedule:

Monday: Mention Mondays, where I shout out/recommend/promote a person/blog or site/book.
Tuesday: Thoughtful Tuesdays, which will still be the same-random thoughts &/or a poem.
Wednesday: Weigh In Wednesday, which will be a book review.
Thursday: Thursday TAG!, which is still a Q & A with a writer. (Although, I've been thinking of branching out to do Q&As with interesting people in general (at least interesting people who do something you can follow).
Friday: (No posts on Fridays)
Saturday: Week Wrapped Up and this is still the same. I wrap up my week and throw some thoughts out there about a topic of my week.
Sunday: Something Sunday, but only when there is 'something' I want to talk about that specific day.

(Yeah, the weigh in Wednesday is a little stretch, but all my other titles (aside from Saturday), worked with the letter.)

Anyway, so that's my new schedule. I hope it works out well.

And I'm leaving off with a question, so I can see if I want to rearrange a little more before I set this schedule for sure...

Which day or days do you read blogs? Do you have a specific day or days that you prefer to go around blogs and read/comment on them? Or do you just read a blog when there's a new comment, period?

Happy Tuesday :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Schedule sounds good. (And now your TAG question makes more sense - sorry, think my brain stopped functioning after reading so many blogs yesterday.)
I post M-W-F and those are the days I'm online the most. No set schedule other than the first Wednesday for IWSG and a day at the end of the month for new movie releases.

Ciara said...

I use to blog five days a week. I've decided to move to M-W-F. I chose those days based on traffic and other bloggers. I'm hopeful this will make blogging a little easier.

Tracy said...

Your new schedule sounds good if it suits you. In answer to your question, I don't have a designated day I write or read but it's more like when I get the time to do so. I don't want to commit when I can't stick to it so when I get time, such as today I take advantage and read until my heart's content...I comment on all the blogs I read and since comments come to my e-mail, I also try to comment on each.

jen@ living a full life said...

I'm the same as Tracy I would have a problem sticking to a schedule so I post on my blog when the mood strikes.
I answer comments in the morning when I do my mail and comment on other blogs usually in the evening like now :)
I wish I was this organised!!