Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thoughtful Tuesday

Unfortunately I don't have any random thoughts or poetry for today. I've been busting my ass with revisions and it's taking up all of my creativity and time. I can't think about anything but revising. I manage to squeeze in a little reading here and there, and critiques too.

The only thoughts I have are revise, revise, revise. Then when I'm stuck on that I can't help thinking...I need to get to my blog comments, I need to visit blogs, I need to critique and interact. I'm sorry that I don't have any real thoughts for you today. This is why you don't make a schedule when you have your mind on other things that need to get done.

The book I'm revising right now has been in the revision stage for far too long. And my revisions have ended up being a lot of rewriting. I wanted to be done with the MS in March. When that didn't happen, I set the finish goal for April. Then that didn't happen so I set it for May. Here we are nearing the end of May and I'm nowhere near done. I still have so much work to put into this MS and I want to get it completed, no I will get it completed by the end of June.

In order to do that, I'll have to mess up a little of my blog schedule. I'll still post MWT for sure, but there will be some Tuesdays and probably some Saturdays that I just can't. Hopefully I'll get on schedule soon, but until then...

Happy Tuesday :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Focus on your revisions. And if you miss your May date, just reset for June.

Tracy said...

Yep, totally focus on your revisions; schedule be damned! Have a productive day!

E. M. LaBonte said...

We are all here routing for you! We've got our pom poms. Go Kela Go!!!

I know the feeling all too well. I think my blog is starting to secretly hate me. :( ;)

DL Hammons said...

I admire your commitment! Keep after it!! :)