Monday, February 23, 2015

Planning on planning to plan...

Well, here we are, toward the end of February, and how many weeks since I posted a blog? Ugh. I keep planning on having things happen and they don't. I'm not much of a planner so I guess maybe planning on doing better is making me unsuccessful. Or maybe like just really wants to be in the way of things lately. Or maybe I just need to use my time more wisely. Whatever it is, I want to do better.

We're just over a month away from the A to Z challenge and I really want to do it this year, but I keep telling myself I don't want to plan on another failure for myself. Then I get annoyed for thinking so negatively. So I guess I'll try to do it and hope for the best.

All of my lack of productivity is really getting to me. Even more now that Lent started because one of the things I wanted to do was write and edit more, be better with getting crits done, read more, and blog more...I haven't accomplished any of those things. Hell, I also planned on only having soda once a week during Lent (which would hopefully keep happening once Lent was over) but I've already had soda twice and it hasn't even been a week since Ash Wednesday.

I'm not even sure what the actual point of this blog is. I'm not intending to come off whiny or like I'm searching for more excuses for why my plans have all been failing. I'm not looking for someone to make me feel better about my lack of following through on things I keep saying. I guess what I'm doing is just writing something in attempt to have some sort of a post since I haven't had one in a while. I would've had an IWSG post, but I forgot about my post for February and so there that went.

I think I need to find the balance between the offline side of life I have now and the online side of life I had a couple years ago. Yeah, I'm going to go try to find that...Catch you all next time-sooner I hope. :)