Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I got my bracelets today, yes that's plural. The awesomely fantastically wonderful Ali Cross sent me two bracelets! So now if one breaks, I'll have a back up. Thanks, Ali! :D

Honestly, I have nothing else to say, just excited about the bracelets lol.

It's Wednesday, and hot outside, plus I'm behind on critiques. Planning on catching up today, and maybe even finding some time to write. I have some cleaning to do though and getting caught up on crits are more important to me, so we'll see what happens. On the bright side, I'm anxious to get back into writerly stuff more. I think the nicer weather is picking me up.

I hope you all have/are having a wonderful Wednesday. :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day (a little late), with a side of Meh for Monday

I intended to post something for the moms out there. Nothing too special, just a little note to say Happy Mother's Day and you're awesome. Then I forgot about it because my weekend flew by oh so fast.  So, all the moms out there (even the ones whose children are of the furry and/or feathered kind), you're awesome. Perhaps I'm slightly biased because I am a mom myself, but I think moms are so wonderful. It could also be the fact that my own mom is so wonderful. Either way, happy Mother's Day (a day late) and I hope your day was as awesome as you!

Now, onto the MEH...

My weeks and weekends are full of cleaning. I haven't quite found that balance of some cleaning/organizing and the other stuff (like writing/critiquing/blogging/etc). I'm still working on it and I constantly dream about writing, think up new WIP ideas, and even beg father time to give me one day where time stands still long enough for me to catch up...

Since it hasn't happened, I'm just going to keep on pushing myself to get back where I want to be.

Luckily, one of my best friends and CPs is finally out of school and now will have a little more time to write and whatnot, so that should help me. She's also back to blogging and you can check her out over here. Her name is Kendra and I know I've got followers who follow her already, but in case you don't, you should because she's awesome. :)

I think that's it. I haven't had much time to visit blogs, but I'm working on it. And sometimes I visit and don't comment because I just have enough time to skim through. I hope to change this very very soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday (and week if I end up not posting again this week :/ ).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Goals Not Going So Well

This months Insecure Writer's Support Group post (group brought to you by the fantastic Alex J Cavanaugh) is all about my insecurities of not being able to complete my goals like I want to.

I haven't been doing completely terrible with my goals, but I haven't been doing very great with them either. Critiques are going okay, writing is going about the pace of a snail, and reading is going even slower than that-as in not going at all.

I've been an insecure writer for months now, I want to have a post that is full of wonderful things. That post may not be today, but I know it's coming soon.

Until then, I'm critiquing and working on finding my writing mojo again. Reading will come when the critiquing and writing flows easier. It's hard for me to focus on reading when I'm feeling like I haven't been productive enough.

Oh and one last thing, an update for those of you who read my post about the bracelet...I talked to the awesomely wonderful Ali Cross and she said she will send me a new one (a couple actually). Yay!

So, that's my ISWG post for this month. Insecurities want to take control, but I won't let them. I will make it through very soon.

I hope you're all having a wonderful week. :)