December 3, 2014


As of right now, I may or may not keep the chatting here. I'm not sure what will come with the revamping of the new blog, but I'd like to bring my characters back into the mix and I'm sure they'd love it too. Hell, maybe it'd help me write more or something, who knows. Either way, it's all under construction until I work it out.

See you soon. :)

June 23, 2012

It's been so long since either Eamon or I posted in here, I think it's time for something. I have no poems and I have no words of wisdom or anything really. I don't know what I should post. Shit...forget it. Maybe something will come to me later. - Sheena

May 13, 2012

I've known a lot of Mother's in my time, and I still know a ton. So, I wanted to stop by Kela's blog and wish all the Mother's out there a Happy Mother's Day. I hope you all have a great day. -Eamon Neligan

April 21, 2012

I lie awake
In the arms of
A man
Whose heart belongs
Solely to me
And I wonder
If I could ever
Completely give
My own
To he
For I've never
A love so
A love so
And I'm
Not sure
If I could
Truly be
Of he

I'm not sure where that came from exactly, obviously some deep feelings regarding Eamon and I. Or something...Anywho, this is Sheena just dropping by to give another poem for everyone. :)


April 6, 2012

So I know that Kela is busy with the A to Z Challenge and she hasn't given anyone a poem to read. I also see that some people have stopped by this page, so I'm going to give y'all one :)

Love Me, Someday

Talk to
Listen to me

Show me

Touch me

Like me

One day it
Will work out
And you can
Love me.


March 17, 2012

Today is St Patrick's Day...literally, it is his day. So I have taken over Kela's blog to tell you that it is not just a day to wear green and drink green beer.

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Since I have lived in America for a long time, I do not know the exacts of everything. I know that St. Patrick used the shamrock (clover) to describe the Holy Trinity in his teachings. I know that he came to Ireland to bring religious teachings to the Irish. It is said that as a teen he was kidnapped and held captive in Ireland. One night God came to him and told him to flee captivity. He fled to a church, became a priest and returned to Ireland as a bishop. He was an evangelist for about thirty years.

On this day, people go to church services, wear green, Lent restrictions are lifted and alcohol is consumed.

The color of St Patrick's Day used to be blue, but over time it was changed to green. In the late 1700s Irish soldiers rebelled by wearing full green uniforms on March 17th in hopes of gaining attention. "The wearing of the green" means to wear a shamrock on ones clothing.

The research team at Neligan Incorporated made attempts to turn the blood we drink into green blood. It never worked out right, but it was a fun concept. One that would have been exciting had they succeeded.

We (the Neligan clan in America) celebrate with a feast that lasts all day and ends with a party. All of us Neligan children go to our parent's home the night before. Ma spends the day cooking and baking-various foods and many of them being green. We talk and eat, sleep a little, play games and just enjoy each others company while we celebrate the patron of our country. In the evening Ma hosts a party with food, fun, various green alcoholic beverages, and friends as well as family. We party until midnight, or sometimes a little longer, and just enjoy the holiday.

Obviously, we do not celebrate this day the same as everyone else. When you have lived for centuries, you learn to find ways of celebrating holidays that keep it interesting. I hope you learned something that you didn't know. I know I talked more about what we do as a family, but I did throw some other things in there, right?

Ah well, Happy St. Paddy's Day (and yes it is Paddy NOT Patty). Hope you have some green on.

-Eamon Neligan-

So, I decided to have Eamon fill out a little questionnaire about himself.

Name: Eamon Neligan

Age: 254

From: I was born in Dublin, Ireland

Lives: I moved to the states with my parents in the 1800s, we found our way to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1868 and I have lived here ever since. To clarify, I do not live with my parents any more, I do have my own home.

Birthday: August 7, 1757 

Job: I own Neligan Incorporated with my father, mother, three brothers and one sister.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 162 lbs-I think.

Eye Color: Golden Brown

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Style: Slightly Curly, a wee bit longer than short.

Shoe Size: 9.5, why this?

Boxers or Briefs: Okay, I do not understand why this is on here, but I wear both.

Favorite Color: Blue, any shade, though I do prefer the darker hues of Blue.

Favorite Music: Variety. I listen to everything from Train, The Isley Brothers and even Leonard Skinner. If it sounds good to me, I listen to it.

Favorite Book: I am really into James Patterson right now. Alex Cross and Michael Bennett

Favorite Movie: I do not have a favorite movie, but I do enjoy a good comedy and even a little horror, which tends to be more comedic.

Coffee or Tea: Both

Pepsi or Coke: I do not drink much soda...I get my caffeine from coffee and well, my liquids tend to be a little redder than either of these.

Favorite Vacation Spot: Ireland of course.

Work Attire: Black or dark blue slacks, long sleeve white button down shirt, occasionally a suit jacket to match my slacks, dress socks the color of my slacks, black dress shoes (typically Brogues)

Casual Attire: If you ask what I wear when I am out of the house, but not at work then- Jeans, a t-shirt (white, black, or blue are the usual colors), and a pair of white or black sneakers. If you want to know what I wear when lounging around the house-sweats or cotton shorts and a t-shirt or 'A' shirt and house-shoes.

Anything Else You Want To Say: Hmm, okay. That was an interesting inquiry of me. I do hope everyone enjoys learning more about me. I wonder what Sheena will say to this....Thank you for reading.

Next one will be Sheena Turner. Check back soon :)

Paragraph Separator Break Clip Art

This was not what I had planned exactly for this section. However, plans change sometimes, so I'm just going to go with it. I am posting a poem I wrote, but it is Sheena Turner's poem. Lets say, she wrote it through me :)


Fear of the unknown
Things that cannot be
The world crashes all around
Shattering reality

Two hearts beat as one
From within strangers
Thoughts mingling together
Life rearranges

The impossible happening
Incomprehensible knowledge gained
Forced to choose truth
Or in safety remain

Emotions piling high
A mountain of insecurities
Souls tether to one another
Not enough time to rethink

To follow your heart
And jump off that cliff
Surrender to it all
Fall into the abyss

-Sheena Turner-
(Kela McClelland)

For those who know nothing of my MS. Sheena is one of the MCs in the story. She's dealing with some issues right now with the other MC, so she wrote this poem :)

More on my characters and their world coming soon.

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