Who Is Kela

On the writerly front, I'm mostly into Paranormal Romance. I've branched out lately with ideas, but I'm not sure where they'll go, if they actually make it anywhere. Since I first started really writing, I've been all over the place with publishing plans. In the beginning I was sure I'd query and find an agent, then I was leaning more towards querying publishers and agents, then publishers, then I started thinking self-pubbing would be the best way. Now I'm back to the fence between self and publishers. I'm pretty much sure I don't want to query any agents.

I enjoy writing and I would like others to be able to hear my stories some day. It'll help if I can stay out of my head long enough to know that sometimes you just have to write and worry about how stupid (or not stupid) it sounds later.

And looking towards the non-writer side of life: I'm a mother of two girls who are both homeschooled and it takes a lot of time. When we're not working on school things, they both do dance and gymnastics with one of them being on the competitive team at their gymnastics place. I split my time between working at their gymnastics place, working as my mom's PA, doing all of my dad's grocery shopping, and keeping the house in order as best I can with practically no time until the middle of the night.

Thanks for coming by my blog, I look forward to seeing you soon.

Have a great day. :)