Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Call Me Crazy...

I never know exactly what I'll think of for the Insecure Writer's Support Group post until I open up my blogger and just start typing. Sometimes it surprises me and other times, it makes perfect sense before I type the first word.

(Before I get into my post though, let's start this off with a Happy Two Year Anniversary to this wonderful group!)

This month I've been thinking of how up, down, all around my writerly productiveness and whatnot has been. And it makes me smile because only a writer (or artistic type of any sort) could really get how normal that actually is. That's why so many people end up thinking artistic people are crazy. We're not crazy, just moody and all over the place because our minds just go go go. Honestly, the ones with the busiest brains tend to be the ones that we all revere with great respect.

I love Stephen King in the early years, then the longer he went on and the more he published, the crazier he seemed to be. (Not that Stephen King was ever sane by 'normal' standards). But he's brilliant. And no matter how many people read his stories and end up wondering wth, they still read his stories. He's popular, people love him, even though so many people are constantly talking about how insane he is.

But if we weren't a little 'insane', where would we get ideas to write? A clear, 'sane' mind could write a good story, but who wants to be good? No true writer aspires to tell a good story, we want to tell a great one. We want to pull people into our insane minds so they can realize how sane we really are. They need to understand that if it weren't for what they call madness, we wouldn't have Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Ernest Hemingway(and so many more 'crazy' writers)...Those crazy writers gave us amazing things because it takes madness to come up with unique ideas that scream for attention.

Have you been to a psychiatric facility? If so, have you ever noticed how many of those 'crazy' people are talented? Painting, crafting, writing...Maybe no one is truly crazy, they just haven't found a way or been allowed to express themselves properly. Who knows? Maybe I'm all over the place lately because I'm just going crazy... :P

Well, that's my IWSG post for this month. If you learn nothing else from it, at least you all know I'm losing/have lost my mind. ;D

Go on over to Alex J Cavanaugh and check him out, he's pretty awesome if you don't already know. And CONGRATS to Alex for receiving the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for your book CassaFire!

Also, the co-hosts for September are:

Joylene Nowell Butler
That's it. Hope you all have an awesome Wednesday and I'll see you soon. :)