Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Take A Moment...Or Ten

Well, it's time for another IWSG post. Check out the awesome Alex J Cavanaugh. And then go check out the IWSG website and all the other awesome people on the list.

I've fallen behind on crits once again. A mixture of life and technical issues caused me to not be able to get online long enough to do much so I've been away from most online things for about two months. But, I'm back on and should be able to catch up within a few days.

If I can offer any advice, I'd say find a way to give yourself some time away. I'm sad about falling behind on crits and that I haven't done much in the writerly way, but I got to spend more time with my kids and their activities. I've played outside, went bike riding, told silly jokes, laughed, and just in general worked on enjoying my life outside of all the online/computer things I do. I even made a friend outside of the internet who actually lives here-something I haven't had in a very long time (not that I don't love and appreciate my online friends). There were moments when I had guilt in the back of my mind that I was falling so behind on crits and writing, I didn't dwell on it for the first time in a very long time. It was nice.

It gave me time to re-center myself and really decide where I want my life to be, to go, and how I can make it happen. I don't want to let my group down, so I hope they don't feel let down. It wasn't really my choice, but I could've probably tried harder to find a way to get online and to critting. I chose to go the unplugged route though and I can live with my choice even if I lose the awesome cps I've gained over the last few years.

So, make some time to step back from it all. Life and responsibilities can become hard, heavy, and it will weigh us down. Cut out as many responsibilities as possible, for even a few days, and it will help ease the burden. Because even though the responsibilities are still there when you come back, the breather makes things fresh. Now, go on and visit some other blogs that I'm sure know how to make awesome points in a lot less words than mine and then take some time to just relax and enjoy.

Have an awesome day everyone. :)