Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Busy Busy

Time to be an insecure (or secure) writer for the month. I'm not sure if I'm either really. I'm not feeling that insecure, but I'm not feeling that secure either...

Head over to Alex J Cavanaugh's blog to check him out and read about the IWSG while you're there.

Last month I said I was hoping to be writing again, working my way to 1k a day...It hasn't happened yet, not even the 1k a week. But I am writing more than I was for a while. I've fallen a little behind on my critiques for my group, but I'll catch up.

I've been really busy this summer. It's strange because I feel busier this year than I was last year. Last summer I was constantly going. Writing and blogging, critiquing and reading, plus trying to keep my kids entertained all while running on little to no sleep. This year, I'm ready for bed before my kids are and that makes it hard to find time for writerly things. I mean, I spend all day doing things with the girls which makes me too busy for writer things, then bedtime rolls around and I just want to crash. Honestly though, I'd rather be having fun with my kids instead of throwing them to the TV or something so that I can do something for myself.

Eventually I'll get it balanced out so that I can do it all, but until then, I'm going to write, read, and blog when I can and try not to stress about it.

I have been getting caught up on reading. I used to read a book a day, maybe one every couple of days. I'm not quite there yet, but I am reading and that's what counts.

Anyway, I hope you're all doing well, I really need to catch up on my blog lists. I'm so out of the loop and I'm sure so many of you have great things going on. Add that to my list. Write, read, critique, blog, read blogs...

And there it is, hope you're all having an awesome week. :)