Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games, Spring Break, Revisions, A to Z

So I had a crazy week-what's new right? Yeah well...

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The Hunger Games

I have never read The Hunger Games. *gasp* With the movie coming out and all the hype, I decided I should get it and see what all the fuss is about. So far I've only read through Chapter 3. I have to say-WOW that's a lot of details. For anyone who does not know-I HATE DETAILS/DESCRIPTIONS! They are soooooo boring. It makes it really hard for me to get into the book because all of the details, my goodness. I hate to not finish a book, so I will finish it. Maybe by the time I get into it more, I will like it better. So far-ch 1-3 get 2 stars, and that's pushing it.

Spring Break/Intersession

This week was Spring Break. *cheers* No, no cheers. My kids drove me crazy. They don't care about Spring Break so it was all my fault they couldn't go to school. It was even harder because my oldest goes to a year-round school so this week was her second week out of school and she still has one more week to go until they're back in session. Again, this is all my fault. Since it is me being mean and not letting them go to school, they decided to go wild. Not listening, tearing up the house, telling me no about was exciting...

Revisions & Writing & Critiques

Revisions were up and down this week. As of right now, they're up. *fingers crossed* I hope they stay that way. Also, I've been working on one of my WIPs. The ideas just started flooding out. It's a great feeling. What's not a great feeling? This week I post the ending chapters of my MS for my critique group. I already didn't care too much for the last two chapters (well, last chapter and an Epilogue). So, I was expecting some bad feedback. Thing is, I got a bit of bad feedback, plus a overall final thoughts sort of thing. Someone said they don't like how I write and that I write the way I want, and it's just not their style. Now, I honestly respect the truth and their opinion, BUT I don't write the way I want anymore. After all the critiques I started writing the way others think I should. The way I'm told people will want to read. I don't write how I want, just like I don't write for me. So-it hurt a little. I try really hard, rewrite my entire MS based on what advice I was given-and still not good. IDK, others like it, so who knows...

A to Z

Welp, I said I was going to talk about it every Saturday until time, so-here ya go. Sign up here. I have a semi-theme for mine and a semi-theme for my Friday posts since I took Friday posts away and will only be doing them for the challenge. I don't have much else to say about the challenge except I can't wait to see what everyone else is going to do. AND you should sign up!

Here's a fun Getting To Know Your Hosts with Alex J Cavanaugh. Go check it out :)
And you can go here to see the winning video and a list of ten tips for the challenge.

That's my week all wrapped up--Happy Saturday! :)

Have you read The Hunger Games? You like it, or don't? Why? Did you go see the movie/are you going to? Have you signed up for the challenge? How do you handle feedback from critique partners/groups? Anything else you want to talk about-go for it.


Anna Smith said...

Haven't read those books yet, but the detail you mentioned reminded me of trying to read The Lord Of The Rings. Still haven't read the third book because of it! :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm not much for detail either. (That shows in my books as well.) Doubt I'll read The Hunger Games and not sure yet if I'll see the movie.
One more week until the Challenge! Thanks for mentioning my post from yesterday.

Sarah Pearson said...

I'll be seeing The Hunger Games, sometime next week with my daughters. Maybe you should just skip the film and see the film :-)

I've signed up for the challenge, but keep changing my mind about themes!