Sunday, March 25, 2012

Something Sunday

Since I had the amazing Jean Oram on my blog this past Thursday, I thought I would give her KidsPlay site a shout out.

It's All Kids Play is a place where you can go to find fun activities and parenting tips. Jean offers tons of fun stuff to keep your little ones occupied. She also gives things that will help keep you occupied with them. She also tweets tips and fun activities @KidsPlay. I don't have much else to say except if you have kids, grandkids, niece(s)/nephew(s), or know some who has any of them--GO CHECK IT OUT!

I've found tons of stuff to do with my little ones and I know you will find something fun to do.

So, one more time: It's All Kids Play go check it out.

Happy Sunday :)


Sarah Pearson said...

I don't even have little kids and I enjoyed looking at that site :-)

Jean Oram said...

Thanks Kela! You are my best cheerleader!

I'm in the midst of revamping the site so in a few weeks hopefully it will work a bit better, be a little prettier, and be a bit easier to navigate as well as share with others.

I'm glad you found the site helpful, Kela!

And thanks to you, too, Sarah. Glad you enjoyed popping by.