Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birthday, Critiques, Schedule, A to Z

Okay, so this was a strange week for me. My mind was everywhere and nowhere and here and there....Crazy.

Monday my youngest daughter turned four. We had a party for her, invited a couple friends from her Headstart class (couple meaning literally two), and had pizza, cake and ice cream. I will freely admit, I am a pantser in writing and in regular life. Oh yeah, I love my to do lists, write them every day-even several times a day sometimes-but I suck at planning ahead. In fact, it was the morning of the party when I told the moms of those two kids what time the party would be. Yeah, go me, right? Ah well, it worked out. We had fun, although I had nothing planned to keep the kiddos entertained.

Something else that I did well with this week was critiques. I am usually so bad about it. I still have one crit for my group left, but typically, I still have almost  (or all) of them left even by now. (In my critique group we post a chapter or few on Sunday/Monday and then have a week to critique.) This week though, I was on point, for the most part. Something else that worked better this week...revisions! Yes, you read that revisions were pretty good this week, YAY :)

My blog schedule has changed. Just to let you know:
Monday and Wednesday will still be the To Do List posts (we are now on the non writer to dos).
Tuesdays are now for poems OR random thoughts. Some days it's just easier to get some random things up.
Thursdays are still TAG!
Fridays are now open (except in April) I want to give my TAG! people more time to shine. Speaking of, Jacqueline Gardner was this weeks TAG! if you missed it-go here.
Saturdays are still the week wrapped up and Sundays are still Something Sundays.

And on to my last topic- the A to Z Challenge yep, talking about it again. :)  I decided I will have something I am doing for each letter. Not a theme exactly, just a little something. I will talk more about it either on March 31st or I will in my A post on April 1st (because that's the first day of the challenge in case you didn't know. Of course I'm sure you signed up, so you do know, right? If you haven't-go sign up).  I don't have a theme because I am not going to stray from my schedule and I have rules to posting more than once a day. I also wrote a couple more posts for April, YAY-I guess I do plan ahead sometimes.

So, there's the week wrapped up. Happy Saturday :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm a planner and need to know when and where way in advance. Just the way I operate.
As for my blog, I post the same three days a week but there's no set schedule. Except the first Wednesday - that is always the IWSG post day. And some time during the last week of the month I do the next month's movie preview.
I have a very unique theme for the Challenge this year and will announce it March 30!

Kela McClelland said...

Alex-Yeah, many people are. My mom is and she was stressing the day of my daughters party.

I have a blog schedule because if I didn't, who knows when I'd post. It would be so random-times and days-my followers would never know when/if to expect a post from me.

And I can't wait to see what everyone else does for the challenge :)

cherie said...

after I sign up for the AtoZ challenge..then what is my next step? still confuse about it..

Kela McClelland said...

Cherie- The challenge starts on April 1st with the letter A. You will write a post about something using the letter A. You don't have to be exact, you can get creative, as long as it involves that letter. Then April 2 you make a post with the letter B, April 3 is C... and so on, but no Sundays (except for April 1st). Another thing that can help you with ideas for posting and whatnot, is to go to blogs and see what they did for the challenge last year. I'd go more for the hosts/co-hosts blogs to be for sure since this is the first time for some people (like me).
I hope that helped, let me know if you need a little more explaining...sometimes I don't clarify things well. :)