Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To Do List: Share

This is the last to do on the writer to do. Next week I'm going to be starting the non writer to do.


This will actually be a pretty short post. It's quite simple...

When you're connecting, reading, learning, even researching-you will come across something that you love. A Tweet that you retweet, a blog post that you tweet a link to-or post on your Facebook or blog. If you enjoyed it, or found it informative, or even thought it was horrible-share it! The way to do it? As soon as you find a post or tweet or whatever else you feel like sharing, do it immediately. If you're including sharing with the other things you're already doing, what's another minute or two to share something you think others should see/read?

See, short and sweet. A simple way to wrap up the Writer's To Do List. Now we are all having a better time checking everything off our to dos, right? Of course we are.

Happy Sharing :)

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