Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sick Kids, Migraines, Linky Followers, and A to Z

This week my daughters were sick-strep throat. It was very exciting. Especially since on top of that, I have a migraine that has been going strong since Monday. I never like my kids feeling bad, but it gets really hard to focus and nurse when you feel like your head is going to explode. Makes it harder to get critiques, revisions and writing done too. I did manage though. Well, I didn't get enough revisions done, but some is better than none.

On a different note, I did learn about Linky Followers and I signed up. You can follow me with it, the link is on the sidebar to your right. I hadn't heard anything about Google Friends going away, but I read about it when I was on a blog so I thought I should go ahead and sign up. You haven't checked it out yet? Perhaps now is the perfect time. Head on over and see what it's about. :)

And finally, the April A to Z Challenge-I wrote a post about it previously (Find it here), but I wanted to mention it again. I brainstormed some ideas this week, and I wrote a few posts. That way I start off in ahead when April comes around. So, if you haven't yet--GO sign up!

That was my week, much better then last week :)

How was your week? Have you signed up for Linky Followers? Are you going to do the A-Z Challenge?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Plan ahead for the Challenge - it makes the experience much more enjoyable.
I have Linky Followers up on my blog as well.

Kela McClelland said...

Alex- Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I've been hopping around different blogs, reading what others have been saying about the challenge (suggestions, plans, stuff like that).

AND-it was your blog that led me to Linky Followers :)

Jeremy Bates said...

I agree with you "Kela McClelland" Nice post!;)

Kela McClelland said...

Thank you Jeremy :)