Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yes, yep, yeah

I must be getting a little burnt out on this because I'm not having any easier of a time with Y than I did with X.

The one sticking (I guess) is yeah. I say it a lot. Sometimes I say it (wether verbally, written, text, etc) and after I've done it, I think man I hope that didn't sound rude. And other times I write it and start to go for something else, but it just doesn't come natural.

Idk why, but yeah just seems to work best for me. I guess I can only hope that if it is something people think is rude that they'll know I don't mean to be rude when I say it. Funny thing is though...if my daughter or something says it to me, I tend to correct them because I think it sounds rude. And my oldest is quick to tell me that I don't think it's rude when I say it so it's not fair to call them rude for saying it.

Guess she's right, but oh well. It's one of the things that makes me remember things grown-ups told me were okay for them, but not me when I was younger. One of those, I can do it because I'm grown. But really, it's not right. If I think it sounds rude for them to reply with 'yeah', then it's rude for me too and I need to work on not saying it all the time. First I need to get over thinking it's awkward to say 'yes'.

And there's my Y post I guess. (Said that a lot in this post lol). Have a good Wednesday and I'll see you tomorrow for Z...that should be interesting. :)

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Anonymous said...

Visiting on the next to the last day of the challenge. Always love finding another writer. Your theme has been a lot of work. Congratulations. If you have any energy left, come and see what I have been up to writing about the settings for a new novel. It's been fun. Hope you have new blogging friends, part of the fun of this.