Thursday, February 16, 2012

The April 2012 A to Z Challenge

Do you have trouble coming up with ideas for posts? Are you someone who likes to take on challenges? Or are you just someone who likes something different to do and have fun doing it?

I am all of the above, and that is why the A to Z Blog Challenge 2012 caught my eye. I have been trying to branch out with my networking. I'm on Facebook a little more often, browsing around. I went from being a Twitter hater to a Tweep who Tweets all the time. I have had my blog for a long time now, and gradually began posting more and more and have finally gotten into a bit of a routine. Once I found the site for the challenge, on Alex J Cavanaugh's Blog, I knew I had to do this challenge.

I browsed the A to Z site, added my name to the list of participants, and began to brainstorm what I would do with each letter. I haven't decided exactly what I will post for each one, but I am glad I found the site early enough that I have a little time to think it over. I'm excited to have something challenging and fun to do, I can't wait for April 1st.

So...What are you waiting for? Head on over to The Site and sign up. It's going to be fun :)

Here's a list of everyone who has signed up so far:

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