Thursday, April 12, 2012

Keeping Distant, Kit-Kats, and other random 'K's

Knowledge Kneaded Knocks Karma

So I said I wasn't going to break my schedule, but I am. Today should have been a TAG! but it didn't work out how I wanted. So-here's a poem and some more randomness. :)

Keeping Distant

She admires him
Only because he's 'great'
Enticing in every way

Tears form in her eyes
Resentment in her mind
Anytime she thinks of the consequence
Of everything she likes

Keeps hesitating
To really open up
Restrains her every impulse
Inside of what she loves

Staying right with him
Each step of the way
Yet shielding her heart
Protecting it from break.

(That was one from the archives.)

And on to the randomness...

Kit-Kat: I really like this candy, but I despise the commercials for them. They irk me every time.

Kat Williams: I don't know exactly what it is, but I find him to be hilarious.

King: As in Stephen King. One of the most insanely awesome insane writers ever. There are a few of his books that I can't stand, but for the most part I love him.

Krueger: My dad is the person who got me into horror movies (my mom got me into horror books), yep awesome parents I have-and I actually mean that. I was 2 when I first sat down with my dad and watched Nightmare On Elm Street. I had nightmares for a long time, but when the second one came out, did I pass? Nope. Dad and I sat on the couch and watched that one too. And with each new one that came out, the cycle continued.
On the same year(I was around 11 or so) at the fair there was a haunted house that you could walk through. It had 'wax' figures of people/creatures from scary movies. (Chuckie, Jason, Leatherface and yep...Krueger.) So a friend of mine and I were walking through and we got to Freddy. My friend starts talking big shit about how lame Freddy was and whatnot. We're all laughing it up and then-BAM!-Freddy jumps up, over the rope, and starts chasing us. Yeah...some of the figures were real people in costume. Even though I knew the person wasn't really Freddy, it scared the crap out of me. But it was one hell of an adrenaline rush.

King Koopa: Now a few Tuesdays back I talked about classic video games. And Mario is definitely a classic. For me, Koopa is one of the best antagonists in a video game ever.

And that concludes my random thoughts for today. Although I'm sure it bugs me more than my readers, next week I will definitely be back on schedule. In fact...I have a pretty awesome TAG! already set up. ;)

Happy K-day :)


Anonymous said...

Great K post! The Kit-Kat bar song is now in my head!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I would've jumped as well. And you were TWO when you saw the first one?????

Grammy said...

Hi, loved your post today! Love Kit Kat and would choose it over almost any candy except the Cadbury bar with nuts and fruits. Yum! Never saw a "Freddy Kruger movie" and have no desire ever to. Too Bizarre... Best regards to you. Trying to visit all the blogs in the atoz challenge. Ruby

Grammy said...

P.S. enjoyed the poem, too. :)

Lydia Kang said...

Nice post! I love KitKats. I also really, really dislike the commercials. ;)

CLR said...

Love your blog! Kudos for Keeping up!!

I am about two letter behind but plan to bust my hump and get that Knocked out later today.

Love the concept (really wanted that to start with a K) of your A-Z theme. When I have more time later, I plan to come back and hang out a little longer.

Happy A-Z!