Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Very sorry, I have no sentence today. I'm still working on getting used to my meds, I'm good to have coherent blog posts :p


Okay, so I know not everyone volunteers. And to be honest when this came to mind I was thinking of myself. I volunteer (or at least try to) as often as possible at my kids schools. I like to be involved and volunteering gives me that opportunity. BUT I also think volunteering comes in many ways. Writers volunteer to critique for other writers, or any one volunteers to be beta readers. OR even volunteering to read a book and do a review of it. Volunteering to guest blog or host a guest on your blog. Anything/service your offering without wanting anything in return (other than satisfaction that you did something nice).

This to do isn't necessarily daily, weekly, or even monthly-but it should be on your list. Volunteering is good for the soul. Find time somewhere in your schedule to do something to help someone out, just because.

I have a great TAG! tomorrow, please come by and check it out.

Also, I announced on Sunday that I will have a contest soon. I think I will have a couple-maybe, I haven't decided for sure, but I am pretty sure. I know at least one book I will be giving away and it's a fabulous read. Stay tuned in May :)

One more thing, and it's AWESOME! Alex J Cavanaugh is having a contest!!! It's an amazing giveaway for the winner's school or library of choice. Now, go check it out! :D

Happy Volunteering :)


Em-Musing said...

Amen to those who give up their time for others. I'll definitely stop by tomorrow.

jass said...

According to my point of view volunteer work is a great honorable work.

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Kela McClelland said...

Em-I second that Amen and look forward to seeing you tomorrow :)

Laurie Peel, RP-CRA said...

dropping by from the a - z, following you... hope you make it to 100!