Friday, April 13, 2012


Yes, this is keeping with my Fantasy/Paranormal/Supernatural/etc theme. I figure since it's Friday the 13th, talking about legends fits.

Legends Lift Listeners Like Laden Lies

Right, so...


There are soooooooo many of them, right? But I'm just going to talk about a few, at random of course because that seems to be how it works this week. :)

Leprechauns: I picked this first one because it's Irish and an L. In Irish folklore the Leprechaun is a fairy. He likes to make shoes and to be mischievous. If you catch one, he'll grant you three wishes in exchange for his release. On a funny note, aside from Irish lore...the movies are ridiculously stupid enough to damn near be comedic. I mean, really what was dude thinking when he wrote that script-or maybe it's more like what was he on?

Lir: As in the Children of Lir. So I don't know how many people know this one, to sum it up for those who don't...Lir had babies with his wife and then his wife died so he married her sister. The sister didn't like the kids so she turned them all into swans. There are variations, but the way I know it goes: they spent a total of 900 years in a few different places and then a kind witch turned them back to human. Problem is, humans don't live to be 900 years old, so they withered and died. What do I get out of that story? Don't marry your sister-in-law...just saying.

Loch Ness: Oh don't we all love the legend of the scary *insert which of the thousands of descriptions you prefer* monster that can be found in Loch Ness located in the Scottish Highlands. Since the 1930s(and some say even before then) there have been rumors of this monster and pictures that 'prove' its existence. Here's a famous pic for everyone to show you how real it is...

(EDIT: If you'd like to see the photo, click here.)

...spooky right? Yeah, sure it is. There are people who say it's without a doubt a hoax and there are people who hold it to be the best proof of the monster. I have to say, I'm not sure I believe Nessie is real, but I don't know how comfortable I'd be on a boat out on Loch Ness.

Local Legends-here are two from Oklahoma

Bulldog Man: Now this legend is of old and has been 'tainted' throughout the years. In Sand Springs, Oklahoma there is a road called The Old North Road and it is narrow and winding and can be scary dangerous at night-hell sometimes at day too. In goes through Sand Springs into Tulsa. In the 1920 on a bend of said road, there was an amusement park. A very poor family with too many children and 'accidentally' left a son behind. The son lived in the park eating discarded food and sleeping in various places in the park. Two years later the park closed and he wandered the woods. He came upon the Brick Factory and the workers took him in. One night a pile of hot bricks fell on him and disfigured his face making him look like a bulldog. Years later the factory closed and the boy stayed there guarding 'his territory', shooting at anything/one who came near him. When I was younger the thing was-go to Old North Road, stop your car, flash your headlights three times and wait for him to come 'get you'. Rumors went around of people who encountered the Bulldog Man, but I never did. I traveled the road a lot and I even did the flashing lights and stopping thing, but he never came for me. It's still a fun legend regardless.

Gilcrease Museum: This is a 'haunted' museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's been said that the man who established the museum, Thomas Gilcrease, haunts the grounds. It has also been said that you can hear children playing, a woman singing and men arguing. But there are tons of 'sightings' of Thomas Gilcrease. I'm not a skeptic, and I wouldn't be shocked if his spirit truly does still roam the museum at night. I've never gone there to see it for myself though.

So, this is a long post, sorry about that. But there were so many legends I wanted to talk about. I actually had to make myself stop when I did. Sorry I'm late, I had the post scheduled but I forgot to go back in and finish editing and click 'publish'.

So Happy Legending-yeah that's a word, sure. :)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Won't marry my sister-in-law - promise. And they did find out that Loch Ness photo is a fake. The guy admitted to it.

Kela McClelland said...

Alex-lol, yeah-it's enough to make me not want to marry my sister in law :p I knew that about the picture. I was just throwing it in there for fun. :)

Anonymous said...

That photo of Loch Ness looks like an arm. Just sayin'.

Terri Bruce said...

I'm loving your A-Z Challenge posts - I love how you come up with a sentence where every word starts with the letter! I love legends and mythology so I particularly enjoyed hearing the two local ones, which I was no familiar with!

Kela McClelland said...

Sabrina-Lol, yeah, I can see that. I can see how people have said it looks like an elephant trunk too.

Terri-Thank you. I'm glad I decided to throw in the local ones too then. :)