Monday, April 23, 2012


Time Tends To Take Thinking


This is a funny to do, but it's the most important. Every day, with all we have going on, it's hard to just find time. Time for us, time to relax and just do something we enjoy or do nothing at all. This is the hardest thing for me to mark off. I'm not good with finding time just for myself.

That also means I don't have a good way to help anyone else mark it off the list. So why am I posting about it if I can't even help? Because I want to make sure everyone does have it on their list. It's as important for our mental health as dating is-almost more. We need time when we're just doing something for the hell of it. I love to write, but that doesn't mean I don't need to take a break from it sometimes. I love to read but I even have to step away from that every once and a while.

Sometimes I want to just play a mindless video game or go sit outside in the sun and just enjoy. I'm telling you to make sure you put time on your to do and find a way to mark it off. Do whatever is mindless and relaxing, whatever it is just do it.

Happy Enjoyment Time :)


Guilie said...

Agreed--"me" time is the hardest one to make, well, time for. I quit my high-pressure job in the financial industry last year, and since then I must say I've been pretty indulgent with "me": I garden, take my dogs for long walks, read (a lot), and I write. Since my teens I hadn't had so much time to write, had sort of abandoned it, and now that I can, it's a gift unlike any other.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I have no problem chilling with a mindless computer game!

Elizabeth Mueller said...

I'm trying to figure how to balance time, too!

A to Z co-host

Jolie du Pre said...

My guilty pleasure are True Crime shows. I like to take a break and watch those.

Kela McClelland said...

Guilie-I like to garden too, it's nice to just get outside.

Alex-I'm not surprised. But really, your day must have more than 24hrs in it because you find time to do so much :)

Elizabeth-Let me know when you figure that out ;)

Jolie-I watch those too.

Thanks everyone for stopping by :)

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Time for ourselves is essential for renewing and rejuvenating, and also resting, our bodies, minds and muses. I like some "mindless" TV myself. :)

Happy A-Z!

Tia Bach said...

Love your T = Time post, especially the aspect of enjoying it instead of always trying to use it all in the most effecient way possible.

A to Z is such a blast. I'm going to hate to see it end.

E.B. Black said...

It's very hard for me to find time like this. I don't even have a job other than writing, but all day long, I'm just writing, critiquing, blogging, reading blogs, tweeting, reading tweets, posting on AQ Connect, and reading people's queries and questions, and thinking about all the things that I STILL haven't gotten done that I need to for my writing and feeling frustrated.

On the side, I also try to make my family and boyfriend happy all the time, play with my dogs, do chores, cook, and keep myself clean and presentatble. I never, ever get it all done, even if I designate my whole day just to doing stuff and taking care of people that need me.

My boyfriend can tell when I'm doing too much because I start getting extremely ill. He goes,"You haven't been just enjoying yourself have you? You've been working too much!" And I hate getting sick because right now I don't have an income and it makes me feel ridiculous to be getting sick even though I haven't done anything just for the heck of it in weeks because I don't make any money. Luckily, I have an understanding boyfriend who makes me stop and just enjoy myself or I'd just keep going until I was in the hospital. It makes me feel sometimes like my body is my enemy.