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I probably could have thought long and hard for a way to make a sentence with all Xs, but I'm just not going to. I will say that if you missed my post yesterday, please go check it out after you read this one. Here's the link. :)

So in keeping with the paranormaly supernatural fantastical Fridays of the A to Z Challenge, I have some X-Files. Yeah, I don't really have any X-Files, BUT I have some paranormal/supernatural things for you today.


They come in different forms these days, but there is one thing that always sticks...They crave brains/human flesh. Why is that? I've never understood much about the whole Zombie thing really. I mean, if they're supposed to be brain dead people wandering around basically moaning about nothing (except brains or human flesh) how are they able to wander around wanting those things?
(A little edit: Caterina Torres (author of Zombie Whisperer) talks a lot about Zombies over at her website-go check her out, she's even got a short story series and it's pretty good :)   )


These 'undead' beings have definitely changed since Dracula stepped on the scene back in the day. Granted there are legends that talk about nightstalkers that roam the villages feeding of the necks of humans that date back into the era around 1045A.D. However, it was Dracula that really put them on the map. Nowadays, vampires come in many different forms-the pasty white hotties that Charlaine Harris is so fond of all the way to the sparkling swoon-worthy creations of Stephenie Meyer.

For anyone who doesn't know what I write about, vampires are my supe of preference(though I also have a series about shape-shifters that I'm working on). Vamps are my choice. My vampires are not like Harris', Meyer's or even Rice's-mine are, well, mine. They are not undead, or sparkly, or evil. They don't drink bottled blood, but they don't feed off of necks either. My vamps drink freely donated bagged blood.

Anyway, I love me a sexy vamp and I love me a evil pasty contorted faced vamp. I love vampires in general, and I will never tire of them. However,  I've heard rumors that vampires are over used and people are getting burnt out on them and eventually (some say it will be VERY soon) vampires will be a thing of the past that nobody can even stand to hear about. What do you think? Tired of vampires? OR will you be able to handle them diferences-or not?


I know that weres are not exactly shape-shifters. I also know that many people write about werewolves more than weres in general. And that shape-shifters can (and a lot of times do) mean people who can shift into the shape of other people. I write about shape-shifters that shift into various animals, but they aren't weres because, well, they just aren't. What I wonder is, what happened to the good ol' fashioned werewolf and why is he not so popular anymore? I don't write about werewolves just because it doesn't fit my theme, but that doesn't mean I don't like them. I like the wolf-man that werewolves used to be. Not the gigantic wolf, or even the normal looking wolf that man shifts into. I don't have a problem with the new-aged style of werewolves, I just never had a problem with the old ones.

I could keep talking about other things...actually, why not:


These spritely little creatures come in lots of different packages nowadays too. How do you like do see Fairy's (AKA Faeries) portrayed. Do you like the Tinkerbell variety or the human-looking kind? I like them all personally.


They come in different packages nowadays too, huh? They used to always be either evil monstrous creatures or green funny looking men with big ass black eyes-now they're humans walking around looking normal and even having sex with people like normal. What's that about? Not that I mind, I tend to actually enjoy the books about Aliens that look normal more than others.


These two don't always fall into a category together, but I'm trying to keep my post at least semi-short. So, do you like the Wiccan witches that sometimes have some supernatural powers but mostly congregate in their circle chanting and what not---or are you partial to the broom riding, pointy hat wearing, cackling over a cauldron kind of witches? I myself like the witches that are more normal. And wizards, I love me some Harry P, and actually, I don't know much else about wizards so yeah...


Evil or no? Do you prefer them evil or nice and hot? Or both? ;)

Okay, now I'm done-enjoy. :)

Happy X-Filing :D


Sue H said...

I must confess, I don't really read a lot of stuff about witches and demons and the 'darker' side! There's enough of it about in real life without inventing it - and so often, I find, the writers describe the dark arts as wonderful and something to be cherished. I wonder, really, what they would do if some of their fantasies became reality....! :-0

SueH I refuse to go quietly!
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Anonymous said...

Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge to say hello! I like them mean. Make them a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And all the weird things in between that X-Files featured.

Jean Oram said...

I had a Fae enter one of my stories. That was fun! I'd love to know more about all these creatures. I picked up a book of legends and whatnot that was oddly disappointing. It didn't pour the detailed info into my brain in the way I was hoping. I want to know superpowers, personality, the works!


Kela McClelland said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by :)

Jean-that's how I am! I want to know all about the works ;)