Monday, April 30, 2012


Zealous Zs Zing, Zig, (&) Zag

So, I named this post Zzzzz because it's the end. The challenge is over, now we can all take a breather and relax. No need to get the posts up on time or make sure we hop around to a few blogs everyday. While I will miss the challenge, it's still a bit of relief.

Okay, I'll still be making sure I have posts up on time(because this is my weird OCD and I have to post at a certain time just because) and I'll still be hopping around blogs. But...well, I don't know that there is a 'but' other than-it's over.

Are you happy it's over? Are you going to be in withdraw come tomorrow? Will you continue to find new blogs with the Linky list? Did you meet lots of new people? Find some awesome blogs? Find some blogs you thought were the weirdest thing out there? Boring blogs?

I had fun, and I met new people, and found some interesting blogs. Thanks to everyone for visiting me, hope you stick around after the challenge. :)

Happy Zzzzz-ing :)


Betty Alark said...

Hi, Kela!

Nice to meet you and visit your blog! Don't stop now; hang in there until the day is over; the fat lady hasn't finished singing yet!lol!

I know how OCD can be- my daughter suffers from the same thing.

The A-Z Challenge has been incredible! This is my first year and I've enjoyed every moment!

I think the days went by so fast! Well that's time for ya!

Glad to be one of your followers,Kela! Hope you will stop by my blog and become one of mine!!

Interesting blog you have!

Jess said...

I can't believe it's over. I can't believe I actually blogged every single day! I feel as if I really accomplished something--mainly, proving to myself I CAN write every day. I'm such a flip-flopper, or as I blogged today... Zig Zagger. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sure going to miss A to Z. Can't wait for next year!
Jess at

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Always sad when it ends. I still have a lot of bloggers on the list to visit though.

Tracy said...

well, I'm kind of happy it is over but then again, I really did enjoy it; meeting new people and having to be creative...congrats on making it to the end!

Martha said...

I will only withdraw long enough to catch up on comments and then I'll be back in action. We made it! Congrats!!