Monday, February 13, 2012

To Do List: Write

So next up on the to do:


Every writer has this on their to do list, hence the term "writer." It's not a favorite of mine, well it is sometimes, but not usually. Therefore, it tends to be a forced task. But I make sure I do some writing everyday. This could be anything-adding things to a MS already completed, working on your WIP (I'll pull out the glossary on my Favorite Blog.just in case you need it :) , posting on your blog, starting a brand new WIP, or just brainstorming. Whatever it may be, you're going to write everyday, even when you don't realize you're dong it.

So, how do you check write off your to do? Ah tis much less complicated then critiques. It is simple, once you put Write on the to do, automatically set a time to do it. Doesn't matter what time of day, or for how long, just that you make the time. As a writer, this is the most important thing on the to do list. You must make time to do some kind of writing each day-the more we write, the more we improve. If you find yourself struggling with checking this off, even when you decided on a time to do it...Then that group I mentioned you needed to join? Yeah, this is one of those times they come in handy. Go to your forum, seek their support, or their foot (you know, kicking your ass into gear :) They are writers too remember? Which means they too have days when it's hard to become motivated. Which in turn means they understand.

Now-get on with it!

Happy Writing :)

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